Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Hillary Clinton [parody]

It is sad that very nearly everything the writer of this piece says hits dead center. 
I said before the election that this is very much like the strongly over qualified woman who is loses a job to man who is utterly unqualified, indeed has many qualities that should utterly disqualify him for the job, and he is stupid ass besides. 
 And she LOSES to the asshole. 
Sad. These United States do not deserve her. That said, she did earn about 2.5 MILLION votes more than the asshole did. She just did not earn them where she needed them. 
I pity the people of these United States. This will be a setback in race relations, rights of women and minorities, voting rights, civil rights. … These “gentlemen” will take America back OK, back to as close to 1850 as they can manage, short of eliminating technology.