Social Media: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

It’s safe to say that social media has taken over our lives. In.Every.Single.Way. Whether you want to admit it or not, we are constantly on our phones, laptops, IPads etc… we waste 80% of our time either on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. But who am I to blame? I am, too, victim of the social media sphere. As well as half of the world’s population. Try giving a ball to children nowadays, they wouldn’t know what to do with it. Technology is part of this generation and it is there to stay. Let’s be honest, it makes things easier, and more accessible. It’s there for everyone to use. But what actually started this whole propaganda? How did all of these social networks got so successful in such a short-period of time?

I personally think, that ‘’sharing’’ had a lot to with it. It all started with advertisement, which can be linked to sharing since they both lead to notoriety. Before social networks it was a bit hard for people to expose their feelings and share their opinions and their likes; everything had to be face-to-face, two people communicating directly to one another, not virtually… Facebook has a share button, twitter has a re tweet button, all of which help to get a glimpse at a person’s interests, what they like, what they don’t. You don’t have to write in your own words, you can just find a random stranger’s opinion online and share it to the world as Kennedy said in his text: ‘’Cultural intermediaries, especially social media platforms,are able to utilize this semantic richness to construct a rhetoric of sharing based upon their own specific agendas.’’ Celebrities, nowadays should thank the heaven’s for social media; they can promote their new albums, share their opinions, gain even more fans:

There are even celebrities who are known because of social media: such as Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles etc…

Sharing online is a way of communicating, interacting with the world ‘The ability to communicate, to share with others, will be incomprehensibly lost if you leave — though your data remains intact should you choose to come back.’’It has lots of positive outcomes. Politicians also share their opinions on social networks, no need to go on television and do a press conference to prove a point; just tweet it:

But doesn’t sharing also have negative impacts? For example, Facebook has recently decided to come up with a dislike button. Even though millions on people are excited about this new update, I am not. A few years ago, Facebook said that they only promote positivity and good vibes online, thus, the absence of the dislike button. And I totally agree with their previous decision. The dislike button will lead to negativity and little conflicts between people online. Having a dislike on your picture for no apparent reason isn’t that nice. But I reconsidered it, and I must say that the dislike button may be beneficial in a way. I’ve noticed that when people write on Facebook the death of a loved one, how weird it is to like the post, so the dislike button is here to help. Or for example, when we see articles about the atrocities that are going on in the world, or an article about how great Donald Trump would be as a U.S President… you can’t help but wish you had a dislike button. There are some things that you just don’t want to like. What I’m also trying to say, is that people are now gonna be prudent of what they are sharing on Facebook: they where sharing their posts to get likes… now they are threatened by the dislike button, they are going to be judged no matter what.

I, personally, have very mixed feelings regarding all of these new additions regarding sharing buttons. I wouldn’t know if it’s for the best or the worst, but surely, it has affected the concept of sharing in a huge way. 15 years ago we wouldn’t have dreamed to be able to communicate with the world like that, and share so openly and freely our opinions. But the thing that I’m skeptical about is privacy. People are uncovering their lives in such a vulnerable way on social networks, there is no place for privacy. Everything is out there, who you’ve dated, who you’ve been out with, where you live, where you ate… and personally i don’t think unveiling every bit of your life is good. Not because of security or protection, but because a little bit of privacy wouldn’t harm you. Enjoying moments, without feeling the need to share it, or thinking about how many likes you’ll get, can really be beneficial for you.

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