A love supreme in a time that love is free.

a critique of love in the wake of overwhelming information.

Eduard Tomek

There hasn’t been a time so easy to buy what our hearts desire. People may remember a time when what we wanted came with a price we couldn’t always afford. Throughout time our hearts desired knowledge, experience, and sometimes just a good time. Now it seems time is only felt when it’s truly frozen for us to see. Collectively and personally time has always been felt a bit more real when it can be shared. Today it feels as if it only happened when we can see it happening over and over again. A video loop of our lives while experiencing it to remind ourselves and others we are still alive. This opens up a way to express that we are still here and hope to transcend any loss of life.

What does this mean for any pursuit in a love supreme, when gratification and attention are already promised when we open our eyes. Did we ever have to reach a state where we had to be admired? I will think admiration and attention were given to people with notable gifts. It seems today we don’t care giving our peace of mind to anyone as long as we find a place and time for them to fit. What happens though when we entertain space for people and things that don’t need to stay? I believe fake love comes as a rush and disappears like fog such as our presence being bought by nothing that will let us live clear.

How then a love supreme should be reached when there is free love for anyone with eyes and ears to hear. Perhaps the answer lies in how we love? Should we continue to be swept off our minds and entertain what will only bring us our demise? I suggest a reconciliation of what a love supreme is in all areas of life.

A presence that grows and nurtures with you for instance is one to hold onto. An intruder and distraction will only freeze you in your path. A love supreme in a time that love is free is hard to buy. A presence not a definition of who you are is what you should seek. Be mindful input creates output and along the way we’ll all experience what it’s like to feel again.

Our media is buying our attention by taking ourselves from each other. So listen to her whispers and run away from the stranger begging for someone to feed its attention.

Always remembering…

We are all part of the spectrum that could bring the world in any direction.

So let there be a love renaissance.