International Exposure via Internet Explorer

I was watching a documentary in the build up to the last presidential election. There was this young boy whose world view was wholly of one side of the river in Otuoke. He’d never ventured to the other side. He wondered if he’d ever do so even in his late teens. That boy became the President of Nigeria. We currently have a president whose world view is themed around Daura and its immediate surroundings. They’ve both travelled the world but that hasn’t led to being internationally exposed.

I have a friend, two actually who love to talk about Japan. One day one of them who’d worked and lived in Japan was telling me how things worked there. I haven’t been to Japan ever but if I took on board some of the ways things are done there can’t it qualify as international exposure? Must I have lived there to have a feel of how things are done?

If I lived in Britain or America and all my time there was spent in doing work either glamorous or morbid, and I never got to know beyond those worlds can I be said to be internationally exposed? Or like my friend who lives close to the seat of US Government but is stuck in Mushin, can’t say he’s internationally exposed now can we?

If all I ever do is get on my Internet Explorer and try to understand how Germany rebuilt after WW2 or how China has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty in less than 40 years or how a leader of Korea set it on the road to prosperity with a careful plan, can’t that qualify as international exposure?

I read stuff like the founder of so and so is a Nigerian bred guy.. does that even matter? Does that make him locally exposed alone? If I’ve worked a decade in an American company but have never been abroad does that make me local alone? I think not. You can be 100% Nigerian educated like Soludo whose degrees are all from UNN but be as internationally exposed as the man who went to Harvard.

The point of this post is that international exposure is very important if we are to get off this rut. It doesn’t have to be only people who’ve lived abroad though.

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