Nigeria: They Want You To Major In Inanities.

The last time I posted about how everything in Nigeria will kill you. Rather than let that happen I advised everyone including me to outsource her.

As DJ Khaled rightly said, they want you spending your time going on and on about things that have had solutions since Adam could light up his home and till his garden. Since I’m a good student of the great DJ, I’ve since stopped using useful brain cells thinking and getting enraged about all things Nigerian. However this morning I got really pissed when listening to the radio I heard how much time was being dedicated to banning double banning and banning again and again the sale of petrol in jerrycans. This time it was the IG of police who was getting into the party. Ordering the arrest of those caught selling in jerrycans. You’d think there are a thousand and one things more important for the IGP to be concerned about, but it wouldn’t be Nigeria if this wasn’t at the top of his list. They go on and on about how jerrycans are the reason why there’s been shortage of the golden product. Same country where the minister in charge of petrol stations tell you 30% of the said product finds its way into the neighbourhood markets of West and Central Africa. Same country where temperatures get up to 45 degrees Celsius. Where if you had light for an hour in a month then you must be one of the luckiest people alive. The people therefore generate their own electricity with petrol bought in jerrycans. But they don’t want us the people to have light because then we will be informed, our kids would be able to study with decent light and we would be able to drink a cool glass of water or juice or beer. Those IGP and co are selfish mofos who feed on free supply of diesel to power their generators paid for by my taxes.

Anyways, the people are cowed especially when you hear a radio presenter tell his audience to tough it out as we won’t always have this epileptic power supply or this fuel queues. Could be 50 years but he says we ought to tough it out.

Goodluck to you all.