When you meet the one

A few years ago I got dumped by someone I’d dated for close to 6 years. I got dumped right after I’d quit my previous employment.

It was a really low period for me. Then I said to myself, look young man you ain’t doing this shit no more. You’ll get married but not for love or those sweet things.

Shortly after, I got this pretty cool job. I reminded myself how important it was to mind my business and stay away from the fairer sex. This dating and loving industry wasn’t for me. I wanted to be all about my career and money making and seeing the world and other stuff.

Then like from the blues everything changed. One Saturday morning I posted on my BBM “I’m going on an adventure of a lifetime, wish me luck”. How prophetic that was. Arrived Portharcourt to meet this OMG!!!! gorgeous woman who totally blew me out of the damn waters. All of the walls I’d put up came crashing down spectacularly. I was a goner.

She was everything I wanted. Our conversations were otherworldly. Life was totally blissful, I kept wondering why I didn’t meet her long before the ripper of my heart. Now even though it was an LDR, it didn’t feel that way as we used all forms of technology to keep us close. I could hop on a plane at the drop of a hat to go be with her. Man I knew I was in Looooove.

One day I took her to my dad, he totally approved(I mean what’s there not to like?). It didn’t take long before all of my senses came to their own and directed my body to go down on one knee. When she said yes, I was over the moon.

Na so we start to make plans. But as it is with everything in this world, you gotta sweat for the good things.

A section of my family was in opposition. The heat got so intense that one night I called to tell her “xyz is in opposition, says over their dead body would we get married, so what you gon do” I thought she’d say well maybe it’s best we said goodbye. But what she said gave me life. “baby, you’re my life, my everything, so where ever you go I go”.

The opposition got even worse but we move. One day I went with my dad and some members of the family to her family. We got their blessings and prayers to marry their daughter, told them we were going to get married at the registry and they consented. We moved. While people were saying over their dead body we were getting married. Had the most gorgeous little baby afterwards and life was and is indeed good.

Fast forward 3 years on, the opposition has seen the light. We were finally able to go ahead to perform the traditional rites.

I’m just glad we stuck together through it. I’m happy we didn’t let them break us. What would I have told the press? That I had a gem, a real diamond and I let it slip through my fingers.

I pray I’m able to make this diamond sparkle all her days in this our adventure of a lifetime.

*Playing Michael Bolton’s “When a man loves a woman”* right now.

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