No More Drugs

I haven’t taken prescription medications in more than six years for everything that wasn’t life threatening. I am not a health freak or a tree hugger but I kill myself with other shit not to want to expose myself to more chemicals.

The reason I stopped is because about 7 yrs ago I suffered from peptic ulcer. I started taking Alka-Seltzer after a big meal causing a little indigestion. As my diet in my college days mainly consisted of hamburgers and pizza and a touch of alcohol it then progressed to a more problematic daily problem. I started popping Tums to the point I had would keep a huge bottle in my car and I would just take a handful or a mouthful at a time and finish a bottle in a week.

The problem seem to exasperate and then Prilosec became available without a prescription and I took that for a few months but it took weeks to starting working and once I stopped taking it the problem immediately came back. I then went to the doctor and started on prescription medication and the same with the Prilosec it would take weeks to solve pain and return when I left the medication and it was really just a remedy and not a cure.

One day a friend recommended I try an African herbal tea made from a tree root. At first I was not willing to sip tree root especially since I can’t stand normal tea that much and I was like no way. How can a simple tea cure something huge corporations have spent millions of dollars creating a cure for and if their products don’t work why would this. He started preparing some while I was explaining all the reasons why it couldn’t work.

He boiled the hot water and took out a small plastic bag with no logo or tea bag but what looked like sand or what he described as tree bark grinding into a fine powder. He placed two teaspoons of the tree bark inside and let it soak in the water for about 5min and then strained out the grindings. It was orangey-brown and it didn’t really have a smell.

The first sip was really bad as it had a bitter sandy taste. It took about 20min before I could sip it all down. My stomach was still hurting and I told him it hadn’t done anything except give me a try bitter mouth. He laughed and said it takes a few to me tea breaks to cure years of damage. I needed to take it daily after every meal for about a week to see any results just like all the other medications I have tried.

After much thought I decided to give it a try as nothing else seemed to be working and the worst case is I just found another non cure. Well after three days my symptoms starting going away even though the taste was not very nice it was working. I continued for two weeks until I have finished the little packet he had given me.

The first thing I did…. I went for pizza with hot crushed peppers and garlic butter. If anything was going to prove that this shit doesn’t work it was going that. Nope didn’t feel a thing. Few days later I did my favorite hot wing spot always a place to get me with indigestion.

I continued this for months and nothing. Well it did come back eventually but it was after a lot of greasy and spice meals and many months later it came back. Now like everything in life unless dramatic changes are made you can only get the same results. I get an ulcer ever few years well because every once in a while I enjoy a good beer, or hot wings and pizza and these things not done in moderation cause these problems. But a cure should fix these and after maintaining a good diet would avoid it from happening but that was never the case with manufactured medications. Once I stopped taking them they stopped working within days.

Before you complain that because I found one thing that is a natural cure that doesn’t mean medication is bad for you. Yes that is one hundred percent correct. Prescription medications are great especially when there are no other alternatives. Without a lot of the modern medicines we would all be dead a lot younger.

I have myself taken medication when it was life-threatening like malaria and E.coli poisoning (long story but let’s just say I don’t eat peanut butter anymore) while traveling abroad because without it I would have probably died. Most medications in high doses and for extended periods can cause liver damage as our bodies filter can’t handle some of the chemicals so drinking a lot of water is very important while on prescription meds.

My peptic ulcer wasn’t the only thing that I have been able to cure without prescription medication but usually it has come by trial and error from old grandma recipes someone has shared or old wives tales. I am always finding something new that can be remedied by natural ways.

For anyone who is taking medication especially for a long time for something non-life threatening I would ask you talk to your doctor about what natural remedies you could take to substitute for medications. At least to save some cash and maybe your liver in the process.

(P.S. I am not a doctor nor do I put a gun to your head to try something other than big pharma drugs so try something because you want to try it and because this idiot wrote about it.)