Here’s Why You Should Add Shower Screen to your Wet Room

You may wonder why is it necessary to have a shower screen in a waterproofed wet room. But shower screens for wet rooms are very popular and recommended because of the numerous advantages that they offer. They are very beneficial indeed and here we go over some of their benefits to understand why shower screens are an important part of any wet room design:-

  • Prevent Water from Splashing Around

A shower screen will prevent water from splashing on the floor and bathroom fixtures and fittings. These screens are especially important for smaller wet rooms so as to avoid the toiletries from getting all drenched in water. They contain the shower spray within the bathing area so that the rest of the room does not get wet.

  • Take Advantage of the Additional Storage

A wet room screen offers you a way to add some extra storage. You may add hooks over the top of the shower screen where you could hang your towel and robe, within easy reach. There is also the option of adding hanging racks to the shower screen where you could organize your bath products.

  • Simple yet Elegant Look

Shower screens, being simple and minimalist, blend in with all kinds of wet room interiors. The clear, frameless screens give a sophisticated and attractive look to any wet room. In addition, the clear glass allows the flow of natural light in the room, thus brightening up the room.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

The frameless shower screens are really easy to clean and maintain. All that is required for keeping them in good condition is basic, regular cleaning.

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