Bad Crypto Influencer, Lies and secrets in a lying Influencer.

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In May of this year, my friend was confronted with internet bullies. The rumors, the collusion, the framework destroyed its reputation. But then the criminals did not stop the vile crime. After the investigation, I couldn’t accept the results. So I have to expose these crimes that Influencer committed.

The bully in this story is called Molly. She has more than 50,000 followers on Twitter, and her Twitter account is @bigmagicdao.

**Counterfeit Influencer, plastic surgery, illegal collection of personal identification. An Ostentatious Crypto Influencer**

Fake Influencers are easy to harvest from private investors.

Molly, she was called Shuorixiaxia. She was born in the county of Meigu, Liangshan, Sichuan, China; Yi nationality.

She has long disguised herself as an Englishman. It declared itself British. Indeed, she was born in the poorest county in China with a Chinese national.

2. She still retains her disgusting heart after much medical beauty and cosmetic surgery.

The guy who is Molly’s trusty flatterer on the web is Molly herself. All software in China requires actual name certification. WeChat ID: yfhg1154, the certifying account is Shuorixiaxia.

Out of a 100-person WeChat group, Molly has at least three known accounts. But none of his friends knew that. Molly uses different accounts to achieve her own objectives, and gets plenty of insider trading information.

Her Twitter is really annoying. She just showed how beautiful she is. Actually, that was after plastic surgery. She took advantage of the inside trading information and deceived retail investors with a crypto project team.

Photos without photoshop

3. There is no rigorous privacy protection in China. Molly illegally collects the personal information and private life of others. She is aware that this information could be used for negotiation with the project team. The only thing she’s done is insider trading and money.

If she’s losing money on insider trading. She’s going to use that personal information to blackmail projects. Some projects may simply choose to give them money as compensation.

This negotiating method is very contemptible!

4. Molly leaked the company’s internal situation, spread rumors about the company’s executives, slandered co-workers, defrauded others’ money, and deducted associates’ investment earnings.

Molly disclosed the internal situation of the company on several occasions. She testified that her company uses the main body of Singapore to issue PlatON. All PlatON attendees are executives from Wanxiang Blockchain Labs (Token issue is illegal in China).

Molly came up with these things again:

Mr. Du, an executive at Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, has an adventure with his secretary;

Hashkey obtains political protection by assisting Chinese officials to participate in Bitcoin mining.

Here is a piece of news. But I don’t know what this is talking about:

On November 13, Xiao Yi, former vice chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and removed from his post for grave violations of Party discipline and laws.

An investigation conducted by the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission found that Xiao had abused his power to introduce and support enterprises to engage in virtual currency mining activities, which go against the country’s industrial policies.

The daughter of a business leader has an extra-marital relationship;

She paid for the club that her leaders went to. But her business didn’t pay it back;

The company’s managers have an indescribable relationship with Jack Ma, and participate in the listing of Ant Financial.

It privately resells the project token of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, and does not release token;

She sets up a fund with people from outside the company and does not distribute the profits to the partners. She used it to exhibit her talents and dictatorship.

**She ambushed a man five times because she couldn’t get his heart. Eventually, it ruined the reputation of the man**

1. She tried to seduce the man but be rejected. Then she asked for treatment and money by fabricating a fake pregnancy!

She had sex with a date, then requested a relationship. When the advice was denied, she pretended to be pregnant.

She requested emotional and financial support because of false pregnancy. After failing, she pretended that she had miscarried. Within half a month, she first pretended to be pregnant and then miscarried.

2. While she was faking pregnancy, she offered sex without a condom. Step by step, it prompted the man to turn a false pregnancy into a real pregnancy. Fortunately, this man no longer slept with her.

3. At the end, the man found out that it was a false pregnancy. Molly said the gentleman fabricated the pregnancy news. She arranged other people to frame this man for not being faithful enough.

Molly said this man propagates rumors. And she asked somebody to fabricate text messages to prove that the man was in touch with several women at the same time. She used the lies to protect her reputation as an Influencer.

4. A humble background and average methodologies. She’s a regular liar!

Molly was born in the poverty-stricken county of China. But she feigned British citizenship. She pretended to be a celebrity just to be more acceptable.

It is difficult to imagine how many methods she used and how many lies she used all the way from the bottom of the company to the present.

Molly was informed by the police that she had illegally collected another’s personal information. After writing a letter of commitment to the police officer, promising not to do so any more. She kept lying about it.

5. She tricked a friend into committing a crime and becoming an accessory. Because she knew this guy was making a lot of money in that bull market. She said she’d let him lose his money. Let’s put him in jail!

Molly hired other people to claim that they bought token from this man, but they didn’t receive the money. She gave benefits to people and asked them to trap that man. Then she emailed the man threatening emails.

As her plot was inconclusive, she told the police that the man was involved in token issuance, helping to finance projects involved in illegal fundraising in the crypto business.

She has long denounced other colleagues who maliciously attack employees she thinks are better than her. Chinese police have repeatedly investigated some Chinese crypto developers.

Whether you are in China or abroad, as long as you construct an encryption project. Molly could complain about you because you didn’t give her the token she wanted or because she didn’t like you.

Attention, all crypto developers!

We got shafted by these Influencers. Insider trading, preventive trading, rug-pull, all of this is hurting amateur investors. How foolish we are to read the message conveyed by these false Influencers.

Please focus on the true constructors!

Please invest your only investment in quality projects!

Please give us the justice we deserve in web3.0 instead of these fake Influencers!


I promise that what I said in the article is true, and everything is evidenced by chatting recordings, videos, and audio recordings. I’ll upload the evidence to the disk. In case of doubt, authenticity may be verified in court.

I will upload the original registration files (cannot be faked) to prove that everything I have said is true when necessary.

We’ll keep the evidence to make Molly irrefutable and leave her wrongdoings with nowhere to run.

If you are more interested in the event, and you know Chinese.

Please read the more detailed original text-”How can I save myself when I have been trapped and caught up in rumors during those seven months”;

Another original text in Chinese: Bad Crypto Influencer, Lies and secrets in a lying influencer.

Relevant evidence: Google

We will not disclose all documents and evidence at one time. We will keep uploading and supplementing the evidence.

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As for Molly’s more associates, we will also expose them one by one, and turn the crypto growing to innocence and justice!

Please forward this article. To tell other practitioners and developers this event will stop more people from being deceived. To Say to your favorite Influencer, be careful with Molly!

Crypto is a great world worth our efforts. Some attempt to make this world be Gotham. I chose to emulate Batman after being scared.





Crypto is a great world worth our efforts. Some attempt to make this world be Gotham. I chose to emulate Batman after being scared.