2 Tips To Sell Anything (Yes, Anything)

If your product is shit I take back “Anything”.

1. Research. Research. Research.

Before you meet with a potential customer, or client, or whatever you call them in your industry, you need to know everything about them. I want you to know if they play the guitar, if they have any allergies, what they like to drink, where they live and if they sleep on their stomach. I want you to know everything. If it’s a business, I want you to know more than everything. Yes, you read that right. By showing a deep understanding of their operations, you can position questions to understand their needs. In short, it shows that you give a shit. They’ll be more interested in what you’re selling if they feel like you understand them.

2. Shut. Up.

Have you ever been on a first date? You sit down, look across the table at this exciting new person in your life, ask one question and then… they don’t shut up for the whole damn night. You can’t even get a word in. You leave the date with permanent hearing loss and an in depth account of your date’s latest trip to Cuba. A great date, right? Salespeople tend to do the same thing and it’s because they forget the real reason people buy things: to solve a problem. Now, if I’m the customer, how the hell am I supposed to trust that you are going to solve anything if you didn’t even let me tell you about my problem? When you listen to the customer, you’ll gain valuable insight which will help you position your products to best solve the client’s problems. This way, when it is your turn to speak, you can point out their problem (showing that you’re listening) and then you can spell out exactly how what you’re selling is going to solve that problem. So shut up.