A Canadian’s View On The American Election

I was just about to drink maple syrup when a polar bear came crashing through my igloo, eh. The bear had my mail, eh. After flipping past 29 pages of hockey news, I found an article about poutine, eh. Underneath the poutine was a small write up on the American’s presidential election, eh. I don’t care, eh.

Did you actually think I was going to write about the American election? It’s completely out of my control. I’m tired of hearing about that shit. I don’t care because I have no control over the outcome. As Canadians, we are all just spectators; our friends to the south will make their choice and we’ll all have to deal with it.

To any Canadians reading this, can we show this much enthusiasm and passion during our next election? I mean half of you are getting into heated arguments under Facebook posts about how Trump is a monster or how Hillary will destroy the world. The problem is that no one seemed to give a shit when we had an election…a Canadian election…an election we could actually vote in.


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