To Be Happier We Need To Judge Less

I think we all make judgments about people that we know nothing about. Think about the stories you tell yourself when you see a homeless person: “Must be a drug addict.” Or when you see a young girl in a nice car: “Oh look! Daddy let her take the Porsche.” We know absolutely nothing about these people.

As humans, we are good; we want to be good people. We make mistakes, we fail, we hurt people, and we hurt ourselves. We are not perfect. Our actions are not perfect. We all have stories; stories about why we were rude at Starbucks this morning and stories about why we dropped out of college.

When you judge someone, you are neglecting to hear their story. You are taking all of the things that make that person special and interesting, and replacing them with your own bullshit narrative.

We all hate it when someone judges us without knowing who we are. Like when you go shopping at a high end store and the sales associate doesn’t give you the time of day because they think you’re just some broke college kid. You leave the store pissed off because that person judged you based on superficial items, like the clothes you wore.

So then why are we so quick to judge others?

We need to realize that everyone has a beautiful story, the girl in the Porsche and the man on the corner. Both of their stories deserve to be heard. I promise if you become less judgmental, you will love more people and hate less. I encourage you to try.

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