How Motorcycle Batteries are made

How Motorcycle Batteries are made will help you save money on Motorcycle Batteries. As you probably already know Motorcycle Batteries is one of the cheapest replacement parts for your motorcycle or scooter. However they are not cheap enough to buy new Motorcycle Battery every spring. To help you save money and to prevent road incidents we will tell everything you have to know about your Motorcycle Battery.

How Motorcycle Batteries are made

Every 12-volt Motorcycle Battery is made from six cells. Each sell is made from positive and negative plates. The six cells are connected together to produce a battery of about 12.4–12.8 — volts.

However the question you may ask yourself is how this cells in a plastic container produce electricity? We don’t want to tell you all technical parts of the process because is not interesting but we will tell you the short answer about Motorcycle Batteries. Every Motorcycle Battery uses an electrochemical reaction to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. We think that this is all you should know about Motorcycle Battery construction.

How the Motorcycle Battery works

We will talk basically about Motorcycle Battery construction. We think that you don’t want to know how the Motorcycle Battery works in details. When the Motorcycle Battery is being discharged, the sulfuric acid in the electrolyte is being depleted so that the electrolyte more closely resembles water. At the same time, sulfate from the acid is coating the plates and reducing the surface area over which the chemical reaction can take place. Charging reverses the process, driving the sulfate back into the acid. Basically this is how every Motorcycle Battery works.

As you notice if you left your motorcycle switch in the “park” for a couple of hours during the night in the morning your Motorcycle Battery won’t work. However why this is happening when only a couple of small lamps are lit? Because the Motorcycle Battery will be in stand by mode when your switch is in “park mode” position. That means that your Motorcycle Battery will self discharge itself.

In will continue to talk about the Motorcycle Battery in nutshell.

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