Announcing our Community Campaign!

Well, you’ve all been asking for it, and we’ve spent a lot of time coming up with a program we hope everyone will be excited about, but which works within the specific challenges we have as a result of our ICO model.

First let me explain why this was difficult:

  • We have already launched the ICO and it’s 100% in the control of the ICO contract. Even we can’t alter the outcome at this point. This is by design for security.
  • This means we can’t simply re-allocate any of the tokens, or money.
  • We do have one thing we can play with. The 5% additional tokens minted for the Dev Team. (which is already much lower than the norm right now!)

We have decided to sacrifice some of our cut for YOU! Our community!

I know we’ve had a lot of demand for forum signature campaigns, and translations. But after significant thought we want to spend the little bit of tokens we have wisely on this Bounty Program. And we also need to use mechanisms we can track with 100% certainty.

We’ve come up with the following program:

  • Twitter Campaign = 1% of all FAME issued
  • Referral Program = 2% commission on any referrals for you, and a 1% bonus for the referee.
  • Translations = Fixed price of 20 FAME awarded to the first person (yes, it’s a race) to post a valid translation in one of 5 pre-requested languages (and only in those languages).

Keep reading below for all the details on each of these campaigns!

Twitter Campaign

The Twitter Campaign will be allotted 1% of the total tokens minted (that’s 1/5 of our entire share!). Here is how it will work:

In order for a tweet to qualify:

  • It must contain the hashtag #BattleDrome
  • It must contain a shortened link to our website (shortened links are ok)
  • It must contain the first 24 characters of your Ethereum Address that you wish to be credited with the bounty.
  • The tweet must be made while the ICO is active and accepting contributions.
  • Use up the remaining character limit with your ensorsement of BattleDrome’s ICO!

How the reward will be distributed:

  • At successful completion of the ICO, the 1% of all FAME will be set aside, and divided into shares.
  • All tweets that match the requirements will be gathered using the Twitter APIs (this may take up to 30 days from completion of the ICO to tally all the data, etc).
  • Each qualifying tweet, will be multiplied by the number of followers that the poster has.
  • For example, if you tweet 100 times through the campaign, and you have 20 followers, you will get 2000 shares. If however you tweet 20 times, and have 1000 followers, you will get 20,000 shares. Etc.
  • All shares will be added up for each 24 character “address prefix”. And the total share count (and resulting FAME balance) will be posted publicly via a google sheet.
  • Each participant will need to email us at with your full address, in order to claim your bounty.
  • Upon claiming, the FAME will be transferred to your address.

Referral Program

We’re sacrificing potentially another 3% of our share (at least for the referrals) to help you recruit your friends/family/contacts!

By referring in another contributor. You get 2% commission of their contribution! And they get a 1% bonus for being referred!

This means for example, if you refer in someone who contributes 5 ETH, they normally get 500 FAME, but now they will get 505 FAME, and you will get 10 FAME just for the referral!


  • The Referee must contribute at least 5 FAME minimum. This is because there is a fair bit of clerical work to track this. Lesson learned, next time we’ll build this into the ICO contract. But for now we have to work with what we have.
  • The Referee must create a signed message saying “I am address XXXX and I was referred by address YYYY” and sign it with the private key of address XXXX. This message must be sent to in order to claim the referral commission/bonus for each party.
  • Once the ICO is successful, the bonus FAME will be sent along with other Bounty pay-outs (may take up to 30 days from ICO completion). This is because it must be done manually by the dev team. The contributor will still get their normal amount immediately upon ICO closure, but the 1% bonus, and 2% commission will be paid out manually.


This is a popular request, and we understand we want to be inclusive of as many people as we can. However we totally underestimated this at ICO launch.

We don’t have unlimited funds to work with, and so we’ve decided that based on statistics (which we’ve been gathering from several channels) our leading demographics appear to be (in this order):

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Mandarin

So here is the deal:

First person to post a confirmed translation of our main post in BitcoinTalk with the following requirements:

  • Translation posted as a reply in our main thread
  • Cross-post in the appropriate language specific forum in bitcointalk (if applicable)
  • Add a link to the main thread in your signature on bitcointalk
  • Translation validated as correct (not the first to be validated. The first reply in the thread for each language which later is confirmed to be valid is the winner, if the first reply is found to be invalid, then it falls to the second, etc.) Decision on what is “correct” is entirely up to us.

Will receive the bounty of 20 FAME. To be paid out at ICO successful completion.

There will be 5 accepted translations (for a total of 100FAME paid out, which by the way is another 1/5 of our total share of the minimum goal)

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Esperanto (just for fun)

Note: This does NOT mean we are discriminating against other languages. We encourage others to translate to other languages if you wish. However we simply don’t have the budget to allow any arbitrary translation. The above were chosen because of the gathered statistics about our audience, and determined to have the most impact.

First come, first serve! The race is on!


We’re eager to hear your feedback on our community program/goals. And excited to see what you all come up with for this!

In addition I want to drop a hint. We have another big surprise planned, but it will come later in the ICO campaign. For now you’ll have to sit in suspense and try to guess what it might be!

Thanks again for all of your support! Let’s make BattleDrome a huge success together!