FAME Token is now LIVE

We have successfully completed extensive testing of the FAME token, and have now deployed it to the main net!

The FAME token has the following specs currently:

  • Symbol: FAM
  • Name: FAME
  • Token Contract Address: 0x190e569bE071F40c704e15825F285481CB74B6cC
  • Registered in Parity Token Registery
  • Image Registered
  • Total Supply (currently) 2.1 Million FAME
  • Currently held in secure BattleDrome Dev Account (until we deploy the ICO contract)

Note: Total Supply is CURRENTLY 2.1M. This will potentially change (shrink) depending on the outcome of the ICO. Any un-sold tokens will be burned, reducing the total supply on the token contract.

Note2: Currently the Dev account holds the tokens. Once the ICO contract completes it’s round of testing (it’s a more complex contract, and requires a bit more testing) we will deploy it, and then all FAME will be transferred to beheld by the ICO contract (well before ICO launch date). This will be verifiable on-chain.

Tomorrow, we’ll be validating the contract source against the contract on Etherscan.io, and releasing the source code for the Token and ICO contract on our github account.

I’ll release an updated post when that happens.

One step down, several more to go!

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