ICO Contract is LIVE!

The ICO Contract is now LIVE! That means you can now verify directly with the contract, that everything is ready to go, and once the contract state changes from “started=false” to “started=true” you can begin contributing to the ICO.

The ICO Contract maintains all required state, making it easy to check/verify status of the ICO throughout, and verify your balance, etc.

The deployed address of the ICO contract on the main net is:

If you have Parity, you can simply add the ICO contract to your watch list, and then from there you can view it’s status, or execute functions.

In addition, for just viewing status, and querying balances you can do that directly via EtherScan, the source code has been verified via their service. Which means if you go to the token address above via their search, and click the “Read Contract” tab, or you can go to this link:
then you can view all the variables in the contract, or query the constant methods such as balances of an address, etc. Directly via the Etherscan web interface.

Coming very soon (likely next 24h) I’ll post another blog entry with detailed instructions on how to contribute, followed by a detailed post about the various methods/variables and what they do (or you can just go read the source code on our github account if you’re familiar with Solidity).

Now it’s just a waiting game. The ICO will open approx 1pm Eastern Time, on Canada Day (July 1st). At which point it will begin accepting contributions! It’s all in the hands of the blockchain now! (and of course, you, our soon-to-be-contributors)

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