New Surprise Bonus for our Contributors!

So I hinted a while ago that we had another “Surprise” up our sleeves for contributors… Now is the time to reveal it!

We’re offering 2 Bonuses to our Contributors:

  • Membership in the BattleDrome Founders Guild
  • Early access discounts on our future projects/crowd-sales for FAME holders

So what do these mean? I’m glad you asked!


Founders Guild is an exclusive LIFETIME club, based on contribution level, that will give you discounts in future projects, and benefits in BattleDrome.

Early Access discounts apply to ANYONE who holds FAME going forward, giving “Early Bird” access to our future ICOs and crowd-funding campaigns!

Read on for the full scoop, and more details:

BattleDrome Founders Guild

The BattleDrome Founders Guild will be an exclusive list of members (based on wallet addresses) which will be permanently stored in a new Smart Contract we will deploy shortly after ICO completion.

Any address used to back BattleDrome at certain minimum levels will be added to the Founders Guild with an associated “Level”. Each Level comes with special benefits going forward (forever).

There will be NO WAY for new founders spots to be added to this list after the initial creation shortly after the ICO. And don’t worry, each “slot” will have a method allowing the “owner” address for the slot to “transfer” it to another owner (in case you change addresses in the future, or want to “give” it to someone else, etc).

So to be clear on this: NOW IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE to get into the Founders Guild, and gain these “Lifetime” benefits as a result!

Don’t worry, if you’re already backed us at one of these levels you will ALREADY get into the Founders Guild! But if you’ve backed us already, and would like to “up your game” to get into the Guild, now is the time! We’ll consider the “Total Contribution” from each unique Ethereum Address. So if you want to “add on” to your past contribution, make sure to send in any new funds from the same address!
Also, in case you are wondering, NO the Development team does not automatically get slipped in as founders, unless we also chose to back the project with our own funds. ONLY addresses who backed via the ICO contract (on public record) will be added to the Founders Guild.

The levels will be:

  • Founder (Level 1): Minimum 1 ETH Total contribution
  • Gold Founder (Level 2): Minimum 5 ETH Total contribution
  • Platinum Founder (Level 3): Minimum 100 ETH Total contribution

As for the benefits, here is how that will break down:


  • Early access to “Founder Round” of funding in our future ICOs and Crowd Funds for all future projects. This will give you the absolute first shot at these opportunities. “Founder Round” will have a 20% discount rate applied to future ICOs and Crowd-Funds
  • In BattleDrome, the “Skim” you gain from your gladiator from their FAME earnings, will get a 1% bonus. This does NOT affect game-play balance/mechanics at all, but does give you a material earning bonus in the long run from your Gladiators.
  • Cosmetic Indication in the Spectator Engine that you are a Founder (to be determined exactly what this will look like, etc)
  • Potential other real benefits in future features/projects etc, as the founders list will be public, and accessible to other smart contracts, etc.

Gold Founder:

  • Everything “Founder” level gets, except your “Skim Bonus” in BattleDrome is 2% instead.
  • A visually different cosmetic indicator, differentiating Gold from regular Founders. (TBD what it will look like)

Platinum Founder:

  • Everything “Founder” level gets, except your “Skim Bonus” in BattleDrome is 3% instead.
  • A visually different cosmetic indicator, differentiating Platinum from Gold, or Regular Founders. (TBD what it will look like)

Early Access Discounts for FAME holders

In all of our future ICOs or Crowd Funding campaigns, we will have 2 “Early Access” rounds:

  • Founders Round, which will only be accessible to Founders (see above)
  • Early Bird Round, which will be open to anyone holding at least 10 FAME AT THAT TIME.

Early Bird Round will come following Founders Round, and will have a 10% discount applied to it.

What does this mean? It means that during the ICO if you have bought FAME and you hold a balance of at least 10 FAME you can get into the early-bird round in any future ICO or crowd-funding campaign. And it also means if you like, you can BUY or WIN FAME to be able to get access to the early bird round.

Basically our future versions of our crowd-funding and ICO contracts will have these “rounds” coded into them, and the “entry criteria” in the smart contract will be “are they on the list for Founders?” for Founders Rounds, and “Do they currently have enough FAME” for the Early-Bird round.

So in closing:

I think it’s obvious that we have many plans for BattleDrome, for FAME, future Features, etc. As well I’d like to be clear, we have some BIG plans for other projects. We deliberately started small, fun, and achievable. But some of our longer term future projects will be MUCH larger in scope (and profitability).

We fully intend to prove with BattleDrome that we can efficiently execute a plan, deliver a project on the Ethereum Blockchain, and do so with lean ideals, maximizing value of the contributions to our projects. As a result anyone who backed our first project, will be honored, and rewarded for having faith in us early in that journey.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am about these announcements, and hopefully we can close this ICO off with a BANG over the next week or so. And then we’ll buckle down and push hard towards the Alpha release of BattleDrome!

Thanks again for all of your support with this project so far!

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