Lag fix pc Battlefield 1 beta

Download the patch to your computer and install it!
The patch fixes a number of problems:
 — Removes game errors (errors when you start the game, during download)
 — Removes the screen freeze, black screen
 — Improves game performance
 — Fixes a crash when starting the game, the game lags

Battlefield 1 Patch Fix Download —

After installing the patch to fix all bugs and game issues.

Lag fix PC Battlefield 1 (BETA)

Information about the game battlefield 1
There are two game modes available:

“Capture” — has long been loved by all fans of Battlefield — a mode for large-scale battles, where up to 64 players compete for control of key points. This mode combines all the elements of the atmosphere of the famous global war, known to us for the Battlefield series. In it you will be like an infantryman, and manage the vast technology.

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