WHAT HAPPENED: Why My Prediction Of Trump’s Summer Resignation Was Wrong
Allan Ishac

Aww Allan, you’re not the only one who is disappointed because your predictions didn’t pan out (but then, all good things come to those who wait). Enjoyed reading your excuses tho (err… apologies?) I think there’s a lot of us out here who are concerned about the possibility that 45’s VP would get into the Oval Office and make the whole situation worse. Pense is, after all, NOT mentally ill (that I can see), and not a Tweeter-holic either. He doesn’t appear to be a narcissistic bully either. But he’s still a Republican (and that is worrisome, at the very least.) I think most of us want to see the entire administration booted out on their arse. And that will take another election run. Sigh….

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