People Believe In Russiagate Because They Lack Self-Awareness
Caitlin Johnstone

Could all of this Russia fixation that you are pointing out possibly be caused by a general (if perhaps unspoken) opinion that a great many of us have reached — the conclusion that the only possible way the American people can get Donald Trump ousted from the White House and end his narcissistic megalomania, and his asinine posturing as a leader — is to get him impeached, indicted and finally removed from office by nailing him for obstruction and collusion with Russia? That perhaps we just need to get down to the bottom line and define a single cause, any single cause, to oust him?

Obviously it isn’t a piece of cake to remove a sitting president from office in this country, particularly when so many members of congress, at least those in his political party, are hanging their hats & their political careers on their cooperation with him (regardless of how corrupt, immoral and/or idiotic his behaviors may be). It seems perfectly logical to me that a great many of us (if not all) are hoping that Somebody will hang a good solid, verifiable, beyond-reasonable-doubt accusation on this Emperor with No Clothes that we’re saddled with, so that we can finally got to Stage Two in the Impeachment process, and actually impeach him, and then try him for treason, or Obstruction, or Grievous Dishonesty, or Immorality…. anything.. anything at all.. that will get rid of him.

Your observation that the American people are myopically focused on the arguably silly notion that it’s all because of the Russians that our president is failing to fulfill his role as our Executive Officer, as our leader, has it’s merits, The overarching opinion of the American people (as a whole, and not merely as partisan members of one faction or the other) may just be settling on a Cause that will do in this situation, which goes beyond the simple assumption that we’re all being silly or ridiculous because of this “obsession” we have.