My point is that progressives are by definition a religious belief orientated social and political…

I am surprised to see you making the claim that the progressive political movement here is a religious belief oriented movement. From what I can see of the movement, it is politically motivated, and does not make overtly religious statements. The movement was fostered by Bernie Sanders, who is a Democratic, Socialist (by his own admission) Senator, and my understanding is that he doesn’t espose religious sentiments or encourage religious diatribe in his speeches or his political initiatives. Yes, he DOES support social causes which target our common needs as American citizens…our public welfare, our wages and the way we are treated as workers, our elderly and our poor, and their many and varied needs.

I believe your emotional polemics against the progressive political movement point to an opinion you appear to hold that progressives are “religiously motivated” because you think they are extremists in that regard. Do you think progressives are “religious nuts”… “quacks”…. “Jesus freaks”? If that is the case, then can we assume that you are perhaps the opposite, a non-believer…an athiest?

From my observations of the Trump campaign to grab the presidency, he was actively engaging in wooing the Religious Right… the fundamentalists Christians, along with the suffering, unemployed white supremist coal minders, using hateful polemics to press his cause as the solution to America’s problems. Because I am presently living in a community of primarily Baptist Christians (notwithstanding that I was raised Catholic, and then went on to complete my undergraduate and graduate school studies in Business and Adult Education), I have seen and heard a great deal of commentary by those in my community regarding what a “great President” Mr. Trump is expected to be…. much of the commentary misguided, misinformed and basically bamboozled by the lies and the empty promises Trump has made to them. But Mr. Trump and his cronies cannot be mistaken for holding anything even close to a Progressive political agenda. Nope.. that’s not a Progressive perspective, that’s an extreme right, reactionary perspective he’s carrying … the red-eyed, indignant, and supremist political perspective of the Republican political machine and the autocratic, bigoted and “royalist” conservatives that are allied with him in the current political regime we are all suffering with. You are mistaken, sir, in your assumption that the Progressive sentiment is a religious movement. This nation was founded on the prescient understanding of the original founders that the needs of the common people must be taken into consideration by our government…. That “We the People” MUST come first (all of us, not just those of us who are wealthy).. ALL of us.. not just those who are WHITE, or MALE, or college educated.. ALL of US.. including those of us who are Native Americans, and black, brown, yellow, orange and white. Any time our Congress and our White is overwhelmed by wealthy, arrogant, white supremist, Protestant men (and the few women they allow to sit among them) who don’t care to hear the People’s Voice regarding our needs and our concerns, we must rise to the challenge and depose that kind of thinking. That is what I think is the political motivation that energizes the Progressive political movement sir.

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