Perhaps soon, untruths will finally have consequences
Larry Hanover

I believe that Mr. Mueller is waiting for two things…. 1) Donald Trump to finally relent and sit down with Mueller for an interview, however ineffective that may turn out to be. And 2) Mueller is waiting until the end of October, when we’re all finished with the midterm voting and are ready to go to the polls and choose our next Congress.

That is when Mr. Mueller will present all of his finding, and make his case for what should be done about this wayward, incompetent, dishonest, arrogant, and mentally disordered chief executive, and his suffering administrative staff…and more importantly, a few Senators and perhaps a few Representatives as well.

When Mr. Mueller reveals his hand, and his research, I believe his work will be done, and it will be exemplary. He’s astute, intelligent, and a highly intelligent legal council with decades of experience behind him. He’s also ultra-conservative, so he won’t make brash statements that are not supported by evidence. He’ll be at the top of his game when he does this in late October.

AND THEN… there is the matter of the two current books that are just now making their way into the hands and homes of all the rest of us Americans — the blistering evidence of Donald Trump’s incompetence as a leader, his dishonesty and his horrendous temper, among other things. The book that came out this week, by Rick Wilson (who is a Republican with a long history as a conservative and a consultant to presidential candidates and other Republicans seeking office — he had managed the political advertising to support presidential candidates and written attack ads against Democratic presidential hopefuls — he knows Washington politics very well) — his book, “Everything that Trump Touches Dies” was launched on this week, and is, like Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear: Trump in the Whitehouse” (which will launch tomorrow and is already a № 1 Best Seller at Amazon also) a tremendously detailed, incredibly revealing review of Trump’s political performance, his personality and his leadership style.

But Wilson’s book is much more detailed, and it is both factual and funny. These newly published, revealing exposes, along with Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” (Life inside the White House) should, I think do much to help us all see what we’ve got in our White House, masquerading as our Supreme Leader. Maybe that will be enough to help our Congress (after the November elections) do what is necessary to deal with this dreadful political mess we’ve stuck with right now.

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