How do you know it’s true?
Jonas Ellison

I have a personal theory about the Trinity — The Father / Jesus / Holy Ghost….

I have reasoned that because Jesus was crucified, died and was buried (verbatim from the New Testament), that perhaps the Creator, having ostensibly come down to live among men & women to know us better, to understand us as one of us, when Yeshua died, his soul…an immortal essence of the Creator…rose to rejoin with the Creator. So it has occurred to me that we’ve all been assuming that Jesus rose from the dead in his original body incorrectly. That when he appeared briefly to his followers after his crucifixion, when he appeared to the women at the tomb…he was the Holy Spirit…essentially he was the “Third Person…the Holy Spirit”. In that sense, there is now what there has always been, One God, in both manifestation and spirit.

This would validate the existence of ghosts that appear from time to time in haunted houses… It would validate the concept of the rising of the dead prophesied in both the Jewish and Christian holy books (and probably some other religious texts as well.

What if we have been wrong all these years, thinking that Jesus rose from the dead in his original human body. There is a biblical reference to an amazing event that occurred on a high mountain one night when two of Jesus’ followers saw him rise up into the sky to talk with two of the ancient prophets (Moses and Joshua, I think). What if they had a vision or a dream, and saw his spirit rise, and not his body?

Anyway, while I realize this speculation flies in the face of contemporary Catholic / Christian doctrine, it’s my reasoning of the nature of Jesus resurrection that doesn’t totally flout scientific and historic observations about human reality.