WHAT HAPPENED: Why My Prediction Of Trump’s Summer Resignation Was Wrong
Allan Ishac

Sigh… I’m disappointed too that Dumpster hasn’t thrown in the towel yet and resigned. But you know… rotten apples are always at the bottom of the barrel, so the only way to save the good apples is to dump out the whole barrel, and get to the bottom. Well… we’ve got one of those in the White House, as I know you know. There’s more than a few of us who are very leery about throwing out 45 without throughout out his backup 45 1/2… And of course, the prez is working an “across-the-isle” hustle now, so he can maybe screw up the country with a bait-and-switch scam — throw out our health care law, give all the billionaires the money and raise our taxes, all in one swell-foop. PS… I love you “mea culpa” parody here! Wasn’t planning on reading Hilary’s book, and now I don’t need to. :)

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