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How do you not cite the original Gladwell New Yorker article that brought him to prominence? The premise was he was a brilliant outside the box thinker. His innovation? Having a team full court press the entire game in elementary school aged girls basketball?

It’s a fucking insane article, emblematic of all that is wrong with TED-talk Silicon Valley boosterism culture. Gladwell recounts how all these (white, middle-aged, not as rich) parents would confront Randive for doing this. He attributes their rage essentially to their having lost, and not being smart or clever enough to think of this innovation first. He doesn’t consider that there’s a sound reason nobody thought we needed a rule against doing such an asshole thing in the first place, and that the outraged parents were right to be furious at a shithead who was missing the entire point of youth sports (not to win games and have your team of 9 year olds run up the score on their hapless competitors.

It’s fucking bonkers, and Randive bought and promoted all of it — he really did think he was an innovative genius, when really he was just a clueless shithead who missed the point.

His record as Kings owner is no surprise.

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