How significant is the role of branding in marketing your brand explains, Bazil Patel It will not be completely wrong to say that branding is done keeping in minds the general perspective of common man. What is the general perception can make a big difference. Perception may differ from place to place so we should also keep in mind the area where we are targeting. Branding once done also needs to follow some rules and isolations to maintain its core message and familiarity. Branding is done to distinguish itself from competitor and building a strong and unique image in the minds of consumer. Branding implies your service and its standard, your specialization, your expertise, your focus, goals etc. It comprise of factors such as logo, name, the tagline, feel and voice of the brand. Significance of branding Branding can help make a long lasting impression in the minds of consumer. The purpose, service, past performance and experience can be made remembered to a customer by branding. For example, when a customer sees a tick mark logo, he instantly recalls Nike brand and their products. Also, once a consumer can differentiate your brand with others and is satisfied he is likely to get loyal to your brand. You become known for your uniqueness and specialty. People welcome any good extra ordinary product or service. It is a general perception that branded products are more reliable and safe which is not totally wrong. People are ready to pay price in order to get these branded products. Thus a good brand can make more profit. Similarly, branding and promoting the product online has become a must in this era of tech-savvy customers. It is rather easy to attract more number of customers online but comparatively difficult to make them stay loyal to your products. Thus, it mostly depends on the regular and continuous branding efforts and consistent execution of performance of the product. Also, giving discounts and reminders on regular intervals and maintaining the connection with the customer is important. It is rightly said that “Out of sight is of of mind”, so our ultimate goal is to keep in touch with the customers through channels like social media networks, influencers, search engines etc and keep triggering the need of the customer again and again; every time in some surprising manner. Improvement is something that is welcomed by the customer. You can have your own website where you can deal and discuss with your customers and at the same time update them about improvements and up gradations. While your competitors are already on net, you too should not leave any stone unturned and cash on the benefits of being online. It is also easy to share your brand story, purpose, mission etc on internet. Sharing pictures of your social works can prove your corporate social responsibility and imply you can be trusted and thus help to increase your goodwill. Internet branding, offers huge opportunities and convenience for business. It is easier and quicker. A long thought strategy is needed to cement the positioning of brand over internet. Here you can be more creative by using graphics, animation, videos, special effects, professional website and artistic slideshows and much more. Make sure your website makes it easy for the customer to browse through or purchase your service online. This will involve more and more customers and crack conversations on the website about your brand. This means people are talking about your brand.