There’s another major factor not mentioned in this article: Conflict cards, which are the action…
Grey Morgan

Absolutely! This was very much in the style of simple gold fishing from the old game, so I have gone for the equivalent of a frictionless vacuum. In my conclusion that blitz is dead I’ve almost certainly oversimplified the idea of blitz into not spending any fate on tokens.

It’s also notable that turn 5 of the turn 5 focused approach was essentially a blitz turn, and I think we are going to see that approach a lot for the turn players decide is the all in final climatic turn.

Swarm as opposed to blitz is interesting. I think the steadfast bushi, who although just a 1/1 does not lose fate or get discarded if the Lion player is at least 5 more honor than an opponent. This lets the Lion player get a larger number of personalities out without having to spread thin on Fate to keep small guys alive. The reverse of course is the Doomed Shugenja for the Dragon who is a super cheap 3/3 for 1 but cannot gave extra Fate placed on them when recruited.

I’m looking forward to see more as FFG keeps revealing.

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