Find Your Happy.

My boyfriend noticed this morning that I was wearing all black.


This phenomenon has been occurring for 12 days. Coincidentally, it’s been 12 days since the outcome of the US election.

For 12 days, I’ve lost my happy. Every mo(u)rning when I read the news, I can’t help but worry about the future; the future of my country as an American, the future of the U.K. as an expat and the future of the world.

This morning on the train, I learned that someone had defaced Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn with swastikas, above the words “Go Trump.” Adam was a founding member of the Beastie Boys, he was born in Brooklyn, was of Jewish faith and died of cancer in 2012. The Beastie Boys are one of my favorite bands and I grew up rocking out to them.

I cried. I cried out of frustration and confusion. I just don’t understand the level of hate that someone carries in their heart to commit such a crime.

So, I decided that I’ve got to do something. I will find a way to contribute to the preservation of humanity, to safeguard people’s rights, to support those who are targeted and to find my happy.

A few months ago, I decided to start a vlog, which is a blog in video format. It launches today and ironically the topic is Happiness. If you need help finding your happy, check out Be More Awesome in 5 Minutes or Less. It’s one of the ways that I will put positivity and love into the world.

Find Your Happy: How Focus Can Radically Change Your Life
As Adam Yauch said “Everybody has a responsibility for what they put out into the world. Rather than trying to figure out what other people should be doing, work on your own interactions in the world and whatever influence they have. All of it has an effect.”

Share your happy with someone today because love trumps hate. And it always will.

Heather Davidson