Post Pitching

The aftermath of pitching has been one I didn’t expect. I thought I’d be coming back full of energy and picking up where I left off before i scheduled the pitch. That hasn’t been the case, it has been highly distracting with time, energy and emotions. I find myself 2 weeks later not pushing forward as much as I would like, I now think I really need the investment to grow, I’m thinking whether they’ll contact me to move to the next stage and how I’m going to pitch for to alternate sources.

I haven’t lost conviction in…

Why Yahoo acquiring BrightRoll is significant to BeBirbal

As Facebook did in July of this year, Yahoo have today acquired a video advertising platform, BrightRoll. It follows the $500 million acquisition of LiveRail by Facebook and clearly demonstrates the intent of tech’s major players, video is about to be the next big thing.

It’s another clear indication that these companies have recognised that video is a growing trend and with statistics like two-thirds of mobile data expected to be video by 2018, it’s no surprise. …

Is starting a startup a stupid idea?

I read a blog sometime ago about a startup that had acquired 250,000 downloads for their picture app but couldn’t pay their server bills and were forced to shutdown. The story of their blog- don’t start the new Instagram.

At the time of reading it I was slightly worried and also disagreed, everyone has to start somewhere otherwise they’d never be an Apple, Google or Facebook. They’d highlighted the issues that any startup encounters but documented that despite healthy download numbers they still couldn’t find investment.

The article has remained in my mind…

Marketing or Hustling?

I’ve been running an online marketing business for the last 4 years and sometimes marketeers are the most infuriating people to work with and be involved in meetings with. There’s a whole load of technical terms being thrown in that I don’t understand and people who have clearly got into the job because it seemed like an easy option when they had to make a career choice.

I see a thousand weird and wonderful ideas that people dream up to launch a new product or what they would do if they were marketing a startup, few of…

Pitching for the Creative England Accelerator

Yesterday I pitched for the Creative England accelerator in Bournemouth which was a great exercise to refine a 7 minute pitch to a panel of 6 people.

So I thought I would explain how I prepared and what I spoke about yesterday and although I don’t know whether I’ve been accepted, it can only help BeBirbal.

1. Google Best Pitches
It’s simple, google best pitches and there’s an endless list of how to pitch to investors. It might’ve been an accelerator that I was applying for but the process is still the same


Recently some fantastic opportunities have appeared some my seeking them out and others which I hadn’t anticipated. It gives me real confidence and enthusiasm for the project and will really help the app’s launch and it’s exposure.

On the flip side, the testing is proving to be a bit of a challenging time. It seems to be running into issues when testers are launching, uploading a video and playing a video- only the three major functionalities of the app!

I’ve found the both the developer and I are getting a little frustrated with each other and with the issues that…

How iOS 8 helps BeBirbal

The release of iOS8 has been the single biggest update to the operating system since the launch of the iPhone, according to Apple.

Having read a few articles and playing with my phone all day, I’m excited by the new features that will help BeBirbal.

The Camera
The mere fact that iOS8 gives you more options to create fun videos in the form of time-lapse and slow-mo will only encourage people to produce more content and entertaining videos too.

The App store
Improved search and suggestions increases the chance of BeBirbal being discovered by new users…

I tried to get a book published after University and whilst I enjoyed writing it, I loathed the long boring days of editing. Ultimately I lost my way with finishing the book as best I could of.

Years later I find myself in a similar situation, having finished development of BeBirbal I’m having to spend time testing and finding all the bugs that I thought we had already uncovered and other issues appearing I wasn’t aware was going to be a problem. Yes it’s frustrating when you think you’re close and you then suddenly take multiple steps back.

I just…

The new iPhone 6 and video: how it effects BeBirbal

So what have we learnt tonight about the iPhone 6 and the improvement to video?

From the site just published:
The iSight camera doesn’t only take great photos. It lets you shoot stunning 1080p HD video at 60 fps, capture more dramatic slo-mo video, and for the first time, create time-lapse videos. Continuous autofocus provides constant focus as you capture your footage. And cinematic video stabilization keeps your shots steady, even when you’re not.

What does this do for BeBirbal?
Simply, it improves video recording for users to capture moments…

How Instagram’s Hyperlapse app helps BeBirbal

It’s worth noting first that you have to approach competitors and new releases positively, I try to think about how it will benefit my own startup and with the release of Hyperlapse i fell there’s plenty to be excited about.

Simply and most notably, users are loving videos and the major app players are responding to that. Hyperlapse isn’t a punt, it’s a response to a demand. What are the issues it’s solving? People are producing video but original versions need improving to share with their friends like Instagram did for photos.

it’s an…


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