How Instagram’s Hyperlapse app helps BeBirbal

It’s worth noting first that you have to approach competitors and new releases positively, I try to think about how it will benefit my own startup and with the release of Hyperlapse i fell there’s plenty to be excited about.

Simply and most notably, users are loving videos and the major app players are responding to that. Hyperlapse isn’t a punt, it’s a response to a demand. What are the issues it’s solving? People are producing video but original versions need improving to share with their friends like Instagram did for photos.

it’s an exciting time for micro videos and it shows that people are recording clips and want to share them. Tools like Hyperlapse will only encourage people to take more video. BeBirbal will never be the only video app available, nor would I want it to be, then users would be conducting a unique action exclusively for BeBirbal. The more tools people have to make their videos better and thus more presentable, the more likely they are to share their videos on BeBirbal

I was actually excited about Hyperlapse being released, it’s a great little app and I’m a big fan of Instagram. Apps like Hyperlapse aren’t a competitor to beBirbal, it’s a clear indication that firstly app companies realise videos are a growing trend and secondly, it fits perfectly into BeBirbal by creating great videos to share and add better versions to an existing thread. try out Hyperlapse and get your videos ready to share on BeBirbal when we release.