Be-Bound and IOV partner to bring mobile and blockchain revolution to developing countries

Be-Bound Team
Aug 23 · 3 min read

Paris, FRANCE: Blockchain technology company IOV and mobile network optimization leader Be-Bound have initiated a formal collaboration to bridge the digital divide in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

The agreement between the two Paris-based companies brings together Be-Bound’s Augmented Connectivity, which expands mobile and IoT coverage to 95% of the world’s population using existing networks, with IOV’s technology, which simplifies blockchain and brings it to the people. The partnership will enable the creation of blockchain applications tailored to less-connected areas of the world.

Specifically, IOV’s Blockchain Name Service, which facilitates the creation of simple, human-readable blockchain addresses, will unlock new value-exchange possibilities in less-connected communities. International money transfers are well-known issues in emerging countries because they can often be cost-prohibitive. As blockchain offers a clear solution for cheaper remittance fees, The BNS, blockchain’s equivalent of the Domain Name System will allow these communities to use blockchain much more easily, empowering individuals to make peer-to-peer transactions without having to enter complex addresses for their friends and family.

Likewise, IOV’s atomic swaps will allow Be-Bound to offer developers in emerging countries the opportunity to create their own in-app payment options, which will create new streams of revenue and drive economic growth. Any user will be able to pay for these services, with any cryptocurrencies, at an affordable cost for all.

Almost half the world’s population doesn’t yet have access to bank accounts, or other basic instruments necessary to store and trade value. The new partnership is specifically designed to reduce these global inequalities through technology, giving a boost to enterprise needs and fuelling the growth of emerging countries.

We believe in blockchain technology as an enabler of inclusive growth and sustainable development.,” said Yazid Chir, co-founder and CEO of Be-Bound. “As blockchain becomes the shared infrastructure for people and organizations to collaborate, we have a responsibility to ensure that the technology can reach all communities, including the most marginalized.”

IOV co-founder and CEO Karim Ganem added “With the rise of the blockchain in our economies, we see there is an opportunity for growth and global acceleration of exchanges. We want this opportunity to be available for all by giving equal access to the technology and its benefits. By collaborating with Be-Bound, we aim to turn blockchain into a solution for developing countries.”

About IOV

IOV strives to dramatically simplify and transform user interaction with blockchain, by designing technology with a human-centered approach. This will enable all digital assets to be exchanged simply, securely and independently.

IOV’s technology enables the creation of custom, personalized blockchain addresses for wallets, as well as atomic swaps for values to be exchanged without intermediaries.

For more information about IOV, visit

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About Be-Bound

Be-Bound has developed a technology that optimizes existing mobile networks to bring constant connectivity to all Android smartphones and IoT devices, enabling coverage for 95% of the world’s population, including where there is no internet network and only the mobile telephone network, without the need for any additional infrastructure investment. Addressable markets are therefore equally increased. This technology is made for corporations, governments, mobile network operators, and developers, to increase their reach and revenues, while connecting the unconnected, immediately, and bridging the digital divide.

For more information about Be-Bound, visit

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