The New Normal
Stephanie Wittels Wachs

This story is beautiful, heart wrenching, and glistening shreds of the stories of countless sisters.

I lost my baby brother too, the same way.

If you have lost someone too… please read on. I was recenty asked to write an article about how I “coped” with losing a loved one to overdose… and I realized I hadn’t. It has been three years, and I am finally doing something to honor his life, but more importantly, the perfect storm of circumstances that leads to these endless losses. My production company is currently in preproduction on documentary about the herion and opiate overdose epidemic in our nation. Hillary Clinton is talking about it on her campaign trail because it is becoming a common question. “What is the solution?” they ask her. Well, we can’t find one until we identify the problems. So many young beautiful people are dead, and the numbers are rising at a staggering pace. If anyone wishes to offer their experiences, from any angle (medical, personal, etc) please reach out to Los Dos Productions. We welcome ongoing dialog.

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