Downtown San Antonio Brand Launch

There are moments in every city’s story, that when reflected upon, are found as defining points in the narrative that rupture the current trajectory and forever change its course. Our city has had many that have found their way into the history books. These markers of time have made us who we are — from our rich and vibrant history, to the diversity found in our culture, neighborhoods, people and communities.

This moment in time, may be yet another turning point in our collective story.

You can feel the electricity among our streets, an energy among our people — a dance in our step. There is something beautiful happening here. Something, that upon close inspection, carries with it a hopeful passion for the future generations of our city.

Our past is indeed a storied one, and we believe the same will be true of our future.

That is exactly why we’ve decided to launch a new brand for Downtown San Antonio. It is with deep gratitude amidst our life and history as a city, that we continue to lean into our future together.


Rooted in a rich history with innovative plans for the future ahead, downtown San Antonio offers the ultimate “retropolitan” experience — a vibrant, progressive urban center with a small town, community feel.

Downtown San Antonio is the perfect place to live, work and play — and now is the time to do it. Not only can you build the story you want for yourself here, you can help create the next chapter for the city of San Antonio. Our city is alive with new job opportunities and a vibrant startup culture, featuring an expansive arts community, diverse cultural experiences, an exploding craft food and beverage scene, and endless entertainment options — all while offering a low cost of living. Downtown San Antonio is THE place for anyone looking to find success, live comfortably and have the time of their life in the process.

This new brand is about empowering you — in the end this is your city.


Reflecting both our rich cultural roots and history, and our progressive future, the new mark pays homage to the famous quatrefoil that can be found throughout our cities history and culture, while also bringing to it a new sense of innovation, change and vision.

The mark visually represents the interconnected nature of the neighborhoods, people, cultures and lifestyles that make up the fabric of our downtown, while subtly depicting the upward progress that our city historically has created.


On September 22nd, 2016, we celebrated this turning point in our story as we introduced this new mark to an impressive crowd at the corner of Jefferson and Houston St in downtown.

Aerial photography by Edward Benavides

With entertainment dotting Houston St, guests were immersed in a vibrant atmosphere of color and sounds that brought the new mark to life, while partygoers shared their experience with live snapchat filters and a photo booth cube.

From live musical acts featuring the headliners DJ Donnie Dee and Volcan, to local food trucks and breweries to live art and screen printing — the night was an immersion into the creatively tenacious offerings of San Antonio.

Introducing the brand was CEO of Centro San Antonio, Pat DiGiovanni, with inspiring remarks on the current and future state of the city by Councilman Roberto Treviño and EDF President, Jenna Saucedo-Herrera, followed by a glimpse into how the brand will come to life in years to come by Eddie Romero, Marketing Director at Centro.

It was an evening that brought together a diverse crowd of San Antonians ranging in age, profession, culture and community — a truly inspiring look at how rich our city truly is.


Ultimately this brand was created to amplify, propel and empower both our individual and collective future as a city and people. So for all of you young professionals, big thinkers, co-creators of our story and city — this brand is for you.

We believe this new platform will amplify who you are and the work that you do.

For when we look around, all we see is just the beginning.

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Special thanks to our amazing sponsors and vendors.

Headlining sponsors: GrayStreet Partners, Archrival, Arts Center Enterprises, MIG, Rio SA Cruises, Block by Block

Supporting sponsors: VIA Metropolitan Transit, SA2020, Puro Pinche, Bethany East PR, Snake Hawk Press, SA Business Journal, SA Cocktail Conference, Luke, Center City Development and Operations

Food trucks: Box Street Social, Fat Tummy Empanadas, Los Munchies, Ooh Wee Wings and Texas Fusion.

Beer from Alamo Beer, Freetail Brewery and Southerleigh

Entertainment from DJ Donnie Dee, DRUM, Tony Romero and the Spiders, Urban 15 and Volcan

Artists: Beyond the Canvas, Bill FitzGibbons, Nik Soupe, Snake Hawk Press and Rob the Original

Surprise appearances by a bunch of dogs in hats, a guy on stilts, Spurs Jesus and the Coyote.

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