Capture, Preserve and Share Your Travel Memories…Forever

This post was originally published on the Be Forever Me blog on 12/23/2015

What are your greatest travel moments? Perhaps you conquered the mountains, explored cities abroad, or backpacked around the world. No matter where your journeys have taken you, these moments are special memories that you want to share with those who are closest to you and relive…forever.

Be Forever Me makes it easy to search and find your travel memories by using Geo Tagging information, which is either in your videos recorded with the Be Forever Me app or other videos that may have GPS data, like videos taken with a GPS-enabled wearable camera. This means that no matter where you are — anywhere around the world — you can record and then search and find those memories and destinations with the Be Forever Me app!

Be Forever Me also enables you to search and find that right moment in the right video through our search function that lets you have a real human conversation. Simply ask the app a question, using your own natural voice, or type in your search. For example, want to find that video of you and your friends exploring San Francisco or that family vacation on the beaches of Thailand? Just ask the app a question using words, like “San Francisco” or “Thailand”, and Be Forever Me will find all those videos related to your search words that you have taken.

With the Be Forever Me app, no matter where you are, how you travel, and the gear you travel with, your travel experiences can be seamlessly captured, stored, and shared. And years after you took that amazing journey, you can go back and relive those moments, and share with your children, grandchildren and their children. It’s part of your story, and now, your friends and family can relive every travel experience as if they were there with you. Forever.

From riding a fixie in downtown New York City to riding in a tuk-tuk through Bangkok, craft your memories for you and your friends to look back on. Never let them slip away. Start saving and sharing your epic journeys with Be Forever Me. Be Forever Me is available at the App Store and works with all Apple iOS devices (iPhone iPad, iPod), Macintosh and Windows computers, as well as GoPro and other wearable cameras.

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