MLK Day — Was “IT” Worth It? {VIDEO}

Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth
2 min readJan 16, 2018

Was this Dr. Martin Luther King holiday a day on or off for you? The answer to that question may come from whether or not you view the “sacrifice” of showing up as being worth it to you, and for you. This answer is answered every day via your choice to show up as your best self and to lead with vision, integrity and passion.

Last Monday I had the privilege of going to the Smithsonian NMAAHC (Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture). There were reflection sections for you to contribute your perspective to several questions. In this video below, I am responding to the question “would you allow your family to participate in dangerous activities for a larger cause?”

As many of you know my Grand Father, Rev. Fred. L. Shuttlesworth, Sr., left an amazing legacy through his contribution of the civil rights movement.

His contributions often times forced me out of my comfort zone, and in other instances I was paralyzed by the fear of not owning up to the legacy that he created.

  • What propels you to move forward?
  • What stops you in your feet (fear, lack of confidence, negative self talk)?

Answering this simple yet powerful question allowed me to confirm my position in whether or not I feel that our choice to lead is worth “it.” It answered whether or not I feel taking risks is worth “it.” I look forward to your comments — feel free to leave them on the video or message me here on Medium.

I hope that today greeted you with the spirit of promise and revolutionary action as we NEED your creative genius to create a more perfect world, starting with your HEALTHY workplace.

Peace, Love and HEALTHY Leadership to You,


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