A Few of My Favorite Pregnancy Products

A Few Of My Favorite Things

As I embarked on my journey through pregnancy, I made several new and fun discoveries that I realize (now) I would not have lived without. And, I’d like to share those with all of you in hopes that you may find some of them as useful as I did.

The Perfect Pillow

I had the most difficult time finding comfort while I slept (or didn’t sleep as many pregnant women don’t). I came across an article that recommended the Leachco Back n’ Body pillow. I decided to give it a try, and it honestly was the best purchase I made. I even found it useful for breastfeeding and snuggling with my daughter.

Skin Products

For me, my skin became more sensitive as my hormones continued to rage on. I tried everything. And, the scent of most of my current products exacerbated my all-day every-day nausea. To remedy the issue, I began researching different products and reading various blogs by women who discovered fantastic products that worked for them during their pregnancies. My top favorites are Kyra’s Shea Medleys, Novena, Body Boost, and Blooming Belly Butter (a recipe you can make at home).

Kyra’s Shea Medleys still have my vote. I love these products for their beautiful scent combinations, creamy texture, and all-natural product base. They even have specific products for babies and kids and pregnant women. They are inexpensive and last forever — seriously. A little goes a long way. You will not be disappointed.

Novena Maternity Skin Care products were in abundance in my house! It’s tough to find quality skincare products made without harmful or questionable ingredients. Novena gets that and does a superb job of making delightful products specifically aimed at supporting a healthy pregnancy. Moms, set your worries aside if you purchase this line. Some of my favorites were the eye gel, fruit facial cleanser, and the belly and breast cream. They also have great acne products if you are one of those women who felt or feels like a 12-year-old boy struggling with his skin during the first six months because your hormones decided to get nuts.

Body Boost by Basq are products I discovered at Motherhood Maternity while shopping for maternity clothes. The store I visited had samples, I tried the Vanilla Honey and was hooked. I used the Body Boost cream and oil every day — twice a day throughout my pregnancy and my skin never looked better. In fact, I still use it just because I love the products. These products are also available in fragrance-free for those sensitive to smells (aren’t we all during that time?).

Blooming Belly Butter is a recipe I found in an organic body care book (Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles). The recipe is as follows:

  • 3–4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, macadamia, avocado, jojoba, sesame, OR soybean base (use more if you want a softer consistency).
  • One tablespoon beeswax
  • 20–30 drops of lavender essential oil

Use a small saucepan over low heat or double boiler to combine the oil base and beeswax. Warm until the beeswax is fully melted. Remove from heat and add the essential oil and stir gently to blend. I poured the mixture into a glass storage container and allowed it to cool. I placed the lid over it and stored it in my bathroom. The recipe indicated to use it within 6–12 months. I applied the salve three times a day. It kept my skin soft and supple and shiny.

The Belly Button

I was not a fan of maternity pants. So, I decided I was going to wear my regular jeans throughout my pregnancy since maternity tunics are all the rage. I found a product called The Belly Button. These are maternity bands that attach to your regular jeans or pants and allows you to keep the fly of the pants open but unexposed. I bought one in every color and, to be honest, still use them as “shirt extenders” if I don’t wish to wear a tank top underneath a top. They are awesome products and worth the investment.

Easy Listening

I am a fan of music. I wanted to expose my child to soft classical tones in utero. I found a product called Belly Buds that allowed me to do just that. They attach to your belly with stickers, and you can play music for your baby while walking or doing whatever chores around the house or while at work.

Exercise Videos

I’m a fitness expert and health nut, so naturally, I wanted to continue to workout throughout my pregnancy. I found Knocked Up Fitness. I love these workouts for pre and postnatal purposes. Bonus — they are created and lead by an actual exercise science professional (not some random person online). These workouts are high-quality and highly effective.

Tummy Tamers

I struggled with HG throughout my pregnancy and tried every product on the planet to calm the all-too intense waves of nausea. Two products worked well for me. Preggie Pop Drops and Gin Gin chewy candies. While these products are not a cure, they did help soothe me and gave me an option to go to first before taking my antiemetic meds. Plus, they are yummy! Fair warning — the Gin Gin candies have a nice little spicy warmth to them.

The products available on the market for pregnant women are abundant and varied. Each woman’s experience is unique to her. While these products represent my favorites, chances are you will find (or already did find) other products better suited to your needs. I encourage you to share the products you find with other moms-to-be. Anything that makes pregnancy just a little bit easier is always a bonus!

This article originally published on Momful.com’s Blog site.