Obtain Family Law Services with Competence, Compassion, and Convenience from Burton Law

Burton Law Firm offers family law services to clients dealing with the complex legal and emotional issues involved with ending a marriage, providing for the interests of children, dividing assets fairly, and more. Located right across the street from Weber State University at 3785 Harrison Blvd., Main Floor, Ogden, UT 84403, the company serves Northern Utah and beyond with caring, competent service. Burton Law welcomes new clients who call them at (801) 393–1108 or (877) 447–9997, or fill out a contact form on their website at www.burtonlawfirmpc.com.

When facing divorce and custody issues, family law services from Burton Attorneys at Law can help you manage complex problems with compassion and competence. With years of experience in the field, the staff knows the law for divorce, custody, guardianship, paternity issues, and more, and is in a position to offer you candid advice that will help you navigate these stormy waters that often have strong emotional overtones for many clients.

Family Law Services, Delivered by a Caring Staff

Headed by Kenneth W. Burton, Managing Attorney, the firm has three experienced attorneys and a staff of paralegals and administrative staff, all dedicated to family law service. Burton, named as one of Utah’s Legal Elite by Utah Business Magazine, chose family law because of the impact it has on client’s lives. His associates share his commitment to serving families at the crossroads.

Comprehensive Services to Protect Parents, Spouses, and Children

At Burton Attorneys at Law, the services include:

· Divorce: From dividing assets to determining child custody, the firm works for a fair resolution through negotiation and court appearance.

· Child Custody & Parent Time: Burton Attorneys at Law helps you reconcile the best interests of the child with a fair division of time between both parents.

· Paternity Law: When paternity is an issue, the firm helps clients establish or disprove parental rights and child support issues.

· Child Support: Burton Attorneys at Law help navigate complex issues of base child support, child care expenses, medical expenses, and extracurricular activity costs to arrive at fair support levels for each parent.

· Alimony (Spousal Support): When one party needs temporary or long-term spousal support, Burton Law Firm helps craft a fair compensation plan for the court to review.

· Post-Divorce/Post-Order Modification: When circumstances or economics change, Burton Attorneys at Law can draft a plan to change terms and present it to the court on your behalf.

· Mediation: When couples can’t agree on division of property or settlement terms, Burton Attorneys at Law can conduct mediation as a helpful tool promoting active and open communication.

· Division of Retirement: To protect the future of both spouses, Burton Attorneys at Law can help in dividing retirement accounts for future security.

· Step Parent Adoption: Unifying families can be complex whether birth parents are in the picture or not, but Burton Attorneys at Law can help facilitate blended families in the best interest of all parties.

· Guardianship & Conservatorship: The firm can help you provide for the financial and physical well-being of your children.

· Probate: Burton Attorneys at Law can help manage family conflict when a family member dies without a will.

Compassion and Convenience

Burton Attorneys at Law helps clients make decisions that consider the interests of all parties who face complex legal and personal issues. For the convenience of clients, the staff is during extended business hours to help you prepare for your case, negotiate fair resolutions, and file needed motions with the court. The firm even has online bill pay options to handle your payments.

To contact a caring attorney experienced in family law services, contact Burton Attorneys at Law at (801) 393–1106 or (877) 447–9997 or via their website. http://www.burtonlawfirmpc.com

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