Alarm Protection Expands Business and Home Security Tools

Alarm Protection delivers cutting-edge security systems made specifically for homes and business. Located at 350 W 800 N, #305, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, they can be reached at (395) 313–0272 or visit to schedule an appointment and free estimate.

Alarm Protection

Today’s automated, remote and web-based technologies give customers more options and tools to direct security for their private properties and businesses. Alarm Protection uses technology to design customized security solutions, including automated and remote tools, for customers to access their home security systems from basic systems to those that allow for comprehensive home automation.

Police departments and insurance companies agree that alarm systems can deter burglaries. That’s why many insurance companies give homeowners a discount on their home insurance policies for clients will security systems in place.

Remote Tools and Wireless Home Automation Strengthen Security and Access

Today’s security systems incorporate remote monitoring, motion sensors, access approval and wireless keypad locks to protect property from burglary, home invasion and other breaches.

Remote-control key fobs that give access to homes continue to be widely used to arm and disarm alarms and lock and unlock doors. The fobs used by Alarm Protection work within 100 feet of the alarm panel inside the home. New transmission technology creates a random security code each time a fob is activated. More than one billion potential codes are available, making it virtually impossible for even a sophisticated code grabber to intercept a fob transmission.

Image video sensors are the latest updates to motion detection security. They work as a camera and motion detector and are equipped with infrared illumination for night vision. Alarm Protection USA’s 24-hour monitoring center is alerted when a sensor is tripped and customers will receive email or text notification with images attached as well. Images are captured and stored whenever the sensors are tripped.

Web Technologies Control and Record Who Enters a Home or Business

Sensor technology has opened up a new world for security customers. They use a web portal to direct home security and other functions from a desktop, laptop, tablet and Smartphone.

Today’s customers program their homes and business from the web to “remember” rules about who can enter the premises and when. It stores assigned codes and combinations each time they are used to create electronic security trails. Customers can also receive text alerts each time someone enters or leaves a property.

Alarm Protection clients can create up to 30 accounts for keyless entry touchpads to control who can enter and exit a property, within pre-determined timeframes. This is particularly useful for homes and businesses that need to restrict and monitor access. Keyless entry eliminates the problems of lost keys, the cost to replace them and unauthorized key duplication.

Web-driven mobile technologies let customers use their Smartphones to enter and exit properties and set or disarm alarms from virtually anywhere. Mobile apps can be shared with family, employees and other people authorized to enter the property.

Security Tools Light Up the Night and Pre-Dawn

With web-based automation technologies, no one has to enter a dark home or office. Today’s smart homes and businesses have sensors that pre-program lights and switches inside a home or business.

Well-lit homes and businesses are essential to security. Employees who arrive to work before dawn or who work a night shift will feel safer approaching well-lit buildings and entrances, even if they have remote- or smartphone-controlled access.

Home automation also helps to control energy use with remote access to thermostats. Lower costs by setting your home temperature below (or above) optimal seasonal settings and change them before just before the kids get home from school or you arrive home from the office so you arrive to maximum comfort.

Let Alarm Protection show you the options available. You can even have a medical alert system included. It’s all about safety with Alarm Protection.

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