Five Security Solutions Dilemmas Solved

Security solutions are RAIN6's specialty. When companies or individuals need their security dilemmas resolved, they count on the expertise of RAIN6, located at 4227 Highland Drive, Holladay, UT 84124. A simple call to 385–695–2030 is the first step for individuals or companies looking for professional security that eliminates the unexpected. Learn more at

Professional Security Detail

Professional security solutions are in high demand in a variety of sectors, including international business and the entertainment industry. Every year, however, there is an increased need for professional security for small and medium sized companies and families who are wealthy in their own right. The first time an individual, company or family begins looking for security solutions, they are often daunted by the task of determining what their needs are and whether professional security units can fit their needs. The security experts at RAIN6 will meet with you and provide an individualized security plan to meet your needs and answer any questions that may arise.

People Who Are On The Move

Some interested individuals who have been toying with the idea of getting a security team in place feel it would be too much of a hassle. They believe that they would either have to significantly curtail their activities or settle for mediocre protection. Not so with RAIN6's security solutions whether you are in Salt Lake City or elsewhere around the globe. Security driving is one way they protect mobile clients. Their licensed, specially-trained drivers are also security professionals who work closely with clients to make sure they get where they need to be on time, every time in a secure location. They also provide advance reconnaissance so that clients never have to worry about setting foot in unfamiliar and potentially dangerous environments.

Companies That Don’t Have The Right Resources

Renting a few independent bodyguards is an option many companies turn to when they need to protect their executives and business partners, but this only goes so far. An individual can’t be watching over a potential target 24/7. A team is needed for full coverage. Other businesses try to train their own security teams, but if they don’t have the right background, these people can’t provide professional security solutions because they don’t have the experience and training needed to recognize unusual threats and neutralize them. Most companies recognize that for reliable protection, hiring RAIN6 is the ideal solution for full-time, round-the-clock security solutions.

International Businesses Facing Multi-National Threats

Businesses operating beyond the borders of the United States can fall prey to terrorism, kidnapping for ransom and corporate espionage no matter where they go. Unfortunately, foreign countries may not be willing to help out when a potential threat occurs. RAIN6's professional security solutions are always dependable because they have the military background and government experience needed to not only protect their clients, but to smooth the way with other countries and their governments whenever a problem occurs.

Lack Of Technical Know-How

A business may hire interns or freshly minted graduates to repair minor computer glitches or set up an intranet, but it could be fatal for a company if they rely on these same people to protect them from cyber attacks. Put simply, it’s not possible for most companies to keep up on the latest advancements in cyber terrorism, hacking or electronic espionage. The counter-espionage and cyber security professionals at RAIN6 are continually honing their skills and keeping up with the latest changes in internet and media security so that they are prepared for anything.

Obtrusive Security Solutions Make Families Uncomfortable

This is often the “deal breaker” for executives and heads of state who know they need to protect their families but who have to convince their loved ones that executive protection and estate security can be unobtrusive. Spouses and family members often imagine grim soldiers standing in every corner of the house or obvious bodyguards making friends and co-workers uncomfortable. RAIN6 can provide the highest quality of protection for individuals and their families that blends into the background without letting down their guard.

In addition, RAIN6 provides firearms training so clients and their families can be better prepared for any unusual situations when security isn’t available or for those times when it simply isn’t practical or desirable for RAIN6 security professionals to be on duty. From introductory firearms training for carbines or shotguns to pistol clinics and advanced, fluid shooter training, RAIN6 provides the necessary instruction for families who want a hands-on approach to their own protection.

A quick call to 385–695–2030 will help any person or company learn just how easy it can be for RAIN6 to provide security solutions in a professional, secure way that won’t intrude on family lives or social activities.

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