For Garage Door Sales And Service, Call The Company That Started It All

Overhead Door Company, a pioneer in automatic garage door openers, serves Northern Utah from their office at 2481 S 1560 W, Bountiful, UT 84087. Serving the sales and service needs of the residential and commercial markets, Overhead Door Company offers a free consultation if you are considering a new business or home garage door, accordion doors, dock levelers, or more. For information or to schedule service call 801–295–7581 or visit

Meeting the garage door needs of residential and commercial customers in Northern Utah, Overhead Door can trace its history back to the inventor of the garage door opener, C.G. Johnson. In 1921, Johnson developed a product that is considered a standard installation at most homes and businesses. A leader in the local area market, Overhead Door Company is one of over 450 authorized dealers of a comprehensive line of retail, commercial, and residential doors.

Garage Doors Add Value And Function To Residential And Commercial Properties

Garage doors became popular for residential use in the 1970s and 80s, and Overhead Door has been on hand to install new doors and replace, repair, or update older models the entire time. The garage door itself represents a prominent feature on the front or side of a home, and the ever-expanding lineup of styles and colors brings out the true beauty of residential property. Innovation over the years has made Overhead Door a trusted name in garage door sales and service.

The impact of garage doors on curb appeal and resale value is annually documented in Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value study of home upgrades. In Northern Utah, investing in new doors brings back over 80% of costs upon resale. Many homeowners replace doors long before they move, as newer doors are better insulated and require less care. When equipped with lights, a keyless entry pad, rolling code technology, and numerous safety features to prevent accidents, garage door openers from Overhead Door Company improve convenience and security.

In the business and industrial market, Overhead Door supplies commercial doors of all types, rolling doors, high-speed doors, and dock levelers where durability, security, reliability, and safety are particularly important. Often equipped with heavy-duty openers, the commercial line is made of high-quality steel doors that are fire-rated. Though business owners install doors for function, they can be a visual asset to any building.

Service After Sales And Installation

In both the residential and commercial markets, buying a door from a trustworthy seller who installs it right is just the first step in ownership. Even though Overhead Door Company products are built for durability, exposure to the weather, accidents that range from small dings to major dents, age, and heavy usage can lead to breakdowns, cosmetic problems, or poor functioning that requires service. Overhead Door quickly responds to customer emergencies and can also provide routine maintenance services that keep the doors in good condition.

Garage doors function because of the system of springs and rollers that regulate operation. Working with garage door components often requires a professional, or in the case of a large industrial installation, a team of professionals, to fix the problem. Even for residential products, Overhead Door recommends annual maintenance calls to keep the door operating at its best. Technicians from the company verify that the springs are operating at the proper tension and that all parts are free of rust and cracks.

For sales and services on residential and commercial doors, call the experts at Overhead Door Company.

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