Hire a Skilled Utah Defense Attorney to Protect Your Rights

The law firm of Roger A. Kraft provides experienced, trusted criminal defense representation for clients charged with misdemeanors or felonies in the Salt Lake City area. Located at 7660 South Holden St., Midvale, UT, 84047, Roger A. Kraft can be reached at (801) 569–4669, or through his website, www.kraftcriminaldefense.com.

Criminal Defense

The steps you take shortly after being charged with a crime can make or break your future. The law firm of Roger A. Kraft has extensive experience defending clients in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area against charges including DUI, theft, forgery, domestic abuse, sex crimes, drug possession, juvenile crimes, embezzlement and more. It’s critically important to consult a qualified attorney as soon after arrest as possible, to increase your chances of a more favorable outcome.

Investigate the Evidence

Evidence is paramount in each individual case. It must be examined carefully by your attorney, so that he or she can help you decide how to plead. In some cases, if the evidence is overwhelming, it might be in your best interests to accept a plea bargain, which will mean a conviction on your record, but less jail time or reduced fines and punishment. In other instances, the state’s evidence is weak and it would be foolish not to defend yourself fully against the charges. Often, it’s somewhere in between these two. Judging when the state’s case is strong enough to convict you and when it is not needs to be done by a seasoned attorney. The wrong advice in instances such as this can have disastrous consequences. The attorneys at Roger A. Kraft have served countless clients over the years, and they have the know-how to set you on the right path.

Juvenile Charges are Serious

If your child has been charged with a crime, you need an experienced juvenile defender. Roger A. Kraft specialized in juvenile cases for many years, so he has extensive knowledge in this particularly complicated area. Juvenile offense cases are treated differently from the same types of charges for adults, and it’s important to know the difference and how the accused should proceed. Too often, parents believe that a juvenile arrest case is not a serious matter because of the child’s age, and that a conviction will not become part of his or her permanent record, but you cannot be assured of the consequences in a juvenile case. It is essential to do all you can to defend your child against any charges. The results of an unfavorable outcome can follow them for a lifetime.

White-Collar Crimes Ramifications Lasting

White-collar crimes can sometimes seem less grievous than violent crimes due to their nature, but they can still have far-reaching consequences. Embezzling and fraud are considered crimes of moral turpitude because the perpetrators have not only committed the crimes, but also violated their position of trust in doing so. These positions include financial officers, bank personnel, doctors, nurses and other professionals. Convictions can result in severe punishment, but also enduring consequences, as the case may often result in perpetrators losing their licenses to practice or ability to work in their field. The law offices of Roger A. Kraft can assist you with your white-collar crime case, working to get you acquitted.

Roger A. Kraft offers a free initial consultation during which you can discuss your case with a qualified attorney. You have nothing to lose. However, you can lose a great deal by going to trial or even a pre-trial hearing without qualified legal representation. Safeguard your future by calling the law firm of Roger A. Kraft if you have been charged with a criminal offense — their experience and skill are unmatched in the Salt Lake City area.

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