Turn to Verbatim Solutions for Your International Localization and Translation Services

Verbatim Solutions is a leading provider of international translation and business localization. With over 100,000 translators worldwide, their headquarters are located at 5200 S Highland Dr., #201, Salt Lake City UT 84117. Contact them at (800) 573–5702 or www.verbatimsolutions.com.

Verbatim Solutions

Verbatim Solutions provides international translation and localization services, with clients that include governmental agencies, Fortune 500 companies and international businesses of all sizes and types. Translation services, the essential core of the company’s business, is really only a part of a bigger picture. Verbatim offers its clients a comprehensive suite of services that allows them to expand into overseas markets, acquiring customers from around the world. Helping fuel this initiative is Verbatim’s exclusive, cloud-based translation management system, Verbingo™.

Translation Services are Just the Beginning

If your company has considered expanding its offerings into the global marketplace, you know you’ll need much more than a competent translator. Translating your marketing materials, website copy and purchasing documents is certainly important, if not critical. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Verbatim Solutions helps companies localize their entire business model, making it appear as though the product or service was designed for the new market, rather than transplanted from another location. Localization considers aspects of expansion into another area that you may not have thought of, such as local currency, native formatting and customer behaviors. Strong localization services mean that your company’s slogan or tag line will never go the way of Nintendo’s Zero Wing video game, whose poor translation gave rise to the now-infamous phrase, “All your base are belong to us.”

The World’s Businesses Trust Verbatim Solutions

To date, Verbatim Solutions has provided its valuable suite of services to more than 50,000 customers. Some of those customers may be familiar to you, like Apple, Nokia, Pfizer, Volvo, Marriott and the Wall Street Journal. As glamorous as those names may sound, however, the level of service Verbatim provides to every business, large or small, carries an identical commitment to excellence. Every business and entity is unique in its needs, but they all share a common goal: connection and communication with the customer. Whether it’s Apple’s or your company’s customer, Verbatim will help you respond to the global marketplace in just the right way.

Get the Advantage with Cloud-Based Verbingo™ Technology

Verbatim Solutions revolutionized the localization industry with the introduction of their Verbingo™ cloud-based translation management system. With the aid of this revolutionary TMS platform, Verbatim has the capacity today to localize as many as 3 million words every day. Their global network of more than 4,000 translators works in more than 120 languages, with Verbingo™ supporting their translation and localization efforts. This allows Verbatim’s clients to monitor and manage all of their translation assets online. In addition, it allows clients to retain their translations in memory and use them again, saving both cost and time.

Verbatim Solutions is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with locations in Europe and Asia. Their services are scalable from a single-page transaction to enterprise-level projects. Whatever your needs are for translation, localization and interpreting services, Verbatim promises the highest quality, fastest turnaround and most exceptional level of customer service available in the industry. It’s quick and easy to request a quote online or contact one of their friendly, helpful customer service specialists for more details. For all of your localization and translation services, look no further than Verbatim Solutions.

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