When Should You See a Dentist?

Receive superior dentistry at Skinner Dental, the family-friendly dental practice. With experts specializing in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implants and family dentistry, Skinner Dental is located at 622 East 4500 South #101, Murray, Utah 84107. Call them at 801–313–1800 or visit online at www.skinnerdental.com.

Skinner Dental is proud to have professional and friendly dental team that specializes in family, cosmetic and implant dentistry, as well as orthodontics. Most people in Murray and nearby communities know they “should” see their dentist twice per year, but pushing that dental appointment to the back burner is easy. Knowing when to see a dentist is crucial for being in your best health — and not just for your teeth, gums and mouth. Dental health is directly tied to overall well-being and can impact the cardiovascular system, immune system and just about every other part of the body.

Local Murray and other Salt Lake area residents depend on Skinner Dental for comfortable, fast and pain-free dentistry. When a dental office specializes in a wide range of dental practices, it’s the equivalent of one stop shopping — or in this case one stop dentistry — for the whole family. From the baby in the family who just started teething to those considering dental implants from a long life of wear and tear, Skinner Dental has the skills and “chair-side manner” to take care of you.

What Skinner Dental Offers

There’s one time when a patient should always see a dentist: When they’re concerned about their mouth. This includes being in pain, having sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods, a shaky or loose tooth, or if those crooked or gapped teeth are holding you back from becoming the next supermodel. Skinner Dental offers tooth replacement options, dental implants, tooth-colored fillings, full and partial dentures, crowns and bridges, root canals, teeth whitening treatments, orthodontic treatment including Invisalign®, treatment for periodontal disease and dental veneers/bonding.

If it’s tooth-related, you can bet that Skinner Dental will keep you in good hands. Building a relationship with a reputable dental team who’s local and cares about their neighbors is essential for peace of mind and holistic health. Teeth, gums and mouths have a lot on their plate — sometimes literally. Without a healthy mouth, communication, nourishment, self-esteem and aesthetics can all suffer. Patients deserve compassionate, skilled care from neighborhood experts who are committed to making their clients smile.

The Skinner Approach

Whether it’s a first visit or an emergency visit, Skinner Dental is dedicated to making every patient’s appointment as streamlined as possible. From the warm welcome to taking part in education and prevention care, Skinner Dental forms a team that includes the patient at the center. With flexible payment options, Skinner Dental works with most insurance providers to make sure each visit is as cost-effective as possible.

Care to sweeten the deal — without the risk of a treat-induced cavity? The Referral Program rewards patients for referring friends and family to Skinner Dental. For each referral, enjoy a $25 credit or gift card. It’s the Skinner Dental way of saying thank you for helping so many folks in Utah receive the smile they deserve.

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