Thanks to your support for BeNative, a global foreign language education service, BeNative will launch a new service called BeDigital which enables people to learn the latest digital knowledge systematically, such as AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

BeNative Launchpad is a token exchange platform for BeCrypto clients and prominent blockchain companies that participate in BeNative Brand Quiz.

The first honor of BeNative Launchpad has gone to BeDigital, an online digital education service.

Through BeNative Launchpad, BNV Token holder can exchange BNV tokens with BDL token.

What can you do with BDL tokens then?

  • BDL token is used to apply for digital…

Recently BeNative launched a new service “Brand Quiz”. It is indeed a new way of promoting your business. As you also know, in BeNative token economy system, user will actively come to us to learn English, solve Quiz and finally get reward such as bitcoin.

So how does Brand Quiz work?

User click Get BTC to enter a Quiz Channel

Hello, we’re BeNative.

Thank you for your support and interest in the first global BNV listing on September 16 at Dcoin Exchange and quiz events.

Open your Brand Quiz at BeNative
Open your Brand Quiz at BeNative

Since 2016, BeNative has rewarded XP (eXperience Point) according to the users’ learning performance, and in 2019 finally, we introduced the digital token economy Learn English, Earn Bitcoin,” which rewards BeNative digital token BNV and Bitcoin.

As part of BeNative’s token economy, Quiz Channels can be used for brand acknowledgment by motivating customers to learn. Brand Quiz Channels can be customized to the brand’s need and any brand can apply to open.

Hello! We’re BeNative

The price of the BeNative Premium Membership, which stood at $7.99 per month, has been temporarily discounted to $0.99 to celebrate the launch of the BNV token. The discounted price will be increased by $1 every two weeks from 16th September. The price will eventually approach to the original price of $7.99 on 1st January 2020.

Price of Premium Membership

You need 100 BNV to pay for the Premium Membership through BNV tokens.

These 100 BNV as a price will remain the same regardless of premium membership price changes.

BNV economy is activated by advertising revenue. Attracting the platform’s advertising requires…

안녕하세요 비네이티브입니다.

월간 자유이용권 $7.99였던 BeNative 프리미엄 멤버십 가격이 BNV 토큰 출시를 기념하여 $0.99로 가격이 일시 할인되었습니다. 할인된 가격은 9월 16일부터 2주마다 $1씩 가격이 인상됩니다. 이를 통해 2020년 1월 1일이 되면 다시 기존 가격 $7.99에 도달할 예정입니다.

BNV 토큰을 통해 프리미엄 멤버십을 결제하실 때 필요한 BNV 토큰은 100개 입니다.

100개의 BNV는 프리미엄 멤버십 가격 변동과 상관 없이 일정합니다.

프리미엄 멤버십 가격 인상 그래프

BNV 이코노미의 활성화는 광고 수익으로 이루어집니다. Active 유저의 증가와 광고 유치에 걸리는 기간을 14주로 설정하고 BeNative 초기 참여 촉진 스테이지로 정의합니다.

이 초기 참여 촉진 스테이지기간에 다양한 초기 참여자 혜택이 주어집니다. 초기 참여자 혜택은 2주마다 감소하며 14주의 초기 촉진 참여 스테이지가 끝나면 혜택은 종료되고 월별 XP 기반 비트코인 보상이 시작됩니다.

비네이티브의 BNV 토큰 이코노미는 홈페이지에서도 자세히 알아보실 수 있습니다.

  • A new incentive system for English learners using bitcoin
  • BNV Token Release for global subscription and enterprise advertisement

BeNative ( announced its own Digital Token Economy, under the slogan “Learn English, Earn Bitcoin”. BeNative users are rewarded with Bitcoin after learning English and participating in various events.

BeNative is a global online English learning service powered by SMATOOS Inc., which headquarter is based in Korea, followed by other foreign corporate branches in Japan, Hongkong, Beijing and so on. The service has been provided to members of 181 countries around the world. CEOs and executives from more than 300 companies, including…


Learn English, Earn Bitcoin!

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