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BeON Home
Aug 29, 2016 · 2 min read

Proactive vs Reactive Home Security

Most of us are familiar with security systems. Something bad happens — like a break-in for example, and the authorities are contacted to address the issue. This is what we call reactive security. Event happens, notification is sent. With new DIY security cameras becoming available it’s easier than ever for you to be notified first when something is happening at your house. You can then call 911 yourself and report the break-in. But in the meantime, that burglar is still in your house. What then?

One of the features available in security cameras is a talk back feature so you can say: “Get out of my house!” or “This is being recorded and I’m calling the cops.” Let’s just say the burglar then immediately leaves (no guarantee) and that they don’t grab a laptop or some jewelry on the way out (they know exactly where to look for these items). The chances of recovering your valuables is very low. Even if you do, your peace of mind is damaged forever.

Proactive security means don’t be an easy target. We all know to lock our windows and doors. But making it look like you’re still at home makes burglars think twice about approaching.

This is why it is so important to be proactive with home security. When you’re away from home you don’t want your home to be a target. The best way to do this is to make it look like you’re still there. Burglars always target unoccupied homes because it is an easy hit. Even if you have an alarm system, they may still go in as 2/3 of alarm systems aren’t armed on a regular basis and burglars know that. They also know it can take police 15–30 mins to arrive or more for certain communities (fire alarms typically have faster responses) so they may go in even if an alarm sounds.

Remember, security is about layers — both reactive and proactive. There are many reactive security systems out there, from alarms systems to DIY security cameras. But very few proactive security systems exist, until now. This is a big reason why we decided to invent BeON Smart Security Lighting. Now you can have both proactive and reactive layers of protection for your home.

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