Written by community member: Léon Lamotte

En mai 2020 s’achevait Covid-Solidarity, une initiative citoyenne à laquelle j’ai participé en compagnie d’inconnus au grand coeur, avec l’objectif de “Spread Solidarity, Not The Virus”.

Le concept? Des bénévoles viennent en aide à des personnes à risque qui ne peuvent plus sortir de chez elles pendant le confinement.

J’écris les dernières parties de cet article à la veille d’un nouveau confinement et d’une deuxième vague qui s’annonce plus critique que la première. …

A complete guide to running your first ultra-marathon

Written by community member: Thomas Vanderstraeten

11 hours and 20 minutes is what it took me to run my very first 100 kilometres ultra-marathon. It was no smooth ride, but looking back I enjoyed every single minute of it. Especially the hard parts, because a sportsman’s mind is so crazy that it often nurtures these moments that hurt the most.

Having come out of this alive, I want to share the journey to get there for fellow runners. I’ve heard it say that any big race is a combination of 33% training, 33% nutrition & logistics, 33% mental and 1% luck. Besides this, I would add…

(Nous avons besoin de davantage de cowboys)

Written by community member: Roald Sieberath

Roald Sieberath est multi-entrepreneur (dont une faillite, et un modeste succès), investisseur, et enseigne dans plusieurs universités. Il s’exprime ici à titre strictement personnel.

La “nouvelle économie”, celle qui nous a amené Uber, AirBnB ou SnapChat est pareille à une mer tumultueuse. Elle secoue les barques tranquilles, et elle demande de nouveaux talents pour naviguer avec succès.

Je connais cette mer : je la pratique au quotidien, j’y ai sombré (en 2001 avec Winbox, après avoir levé 5 M$), j’y ai surfé (en 2013–17, avec Swan Insights), et mon boulot consiste à rencontrer, écouter, conseiller des centaines de startups, et…

BeTech is a bottom-up, entrepreneur-driven movement, boosting a strong knowledge, cohesion and network effect to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset in Belgium.

Belgium has the potential to become an even stronger nation of builders. To enable this it’s crucial to leverage our unique emerging ecosystem by supporting the next generation(s) of entrepreneurs.

BeTech promotes a strong Belgian by entrepreneurs/for entrepreneurs movement by facilitating a strong and active network and sharing experiences between peers.

The BeTech movement

To build a stronger entrepreneur-driven climate, BeTech is on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow to their full potential and beyond!

BeTech is built upon 3 pillars:

  1. Be…

This post talks about the key takeaways of BeTech attending Facebook Communities Summit in London from 8–10th. February 2018, what we picked up, liked and missed, to conclude with the what’s next!

What is a community — what makes a community great?

Communities get various definitions; this one Facebook received after consulting many people that study about communities and academia, really nails it well to what we see BeTech is to many and how they identify themselves with it.

A Community is a collection of people, in which they receive a sense of belonging, connection, feeling of safety, and give…

Written by community member: Vincent Battaglia

I don’t know if you noticed, but a trend started to shape during the past few years, with incredible web-based products taking over their aging desktop counterparts. I’m talking about Figma and InVision making designers quickly abandon Photoshop and Sketch, Webflow replacing the good old Dreamweaver without too much trouble, Vectary trying to seduce Maya’s and Cinema 4D’s users, Airtable and Coda battling to kill Excel, Dropbox Papermaking us forget about Word, and of course, Ludus trying to throw shade at PowerPoint and Keynote.

Why is that?

It’s simple. We finally arrived at a point where web technologies can compete with native technologies…

Why Belgians aren’t entrepreneurs.

Written by community member: Guillaume Hachez

When I got back from my trip to Silicon Valley, I had to tell my parents about my decision to permanently interrupt my studies to focus on my startup. Their reaction was unequivocal: they were terrified. Why is it that even when all indicators of success are met, entrepreneurship is still considered frightening in Belgium?

Let us first take a look at the company creation rate in Belgium . It immediately sticks out that the number is extremely low (3.6%), much lower than in neighboring countries.

We’re all in this together — Mentoring the next generation

“Entrepreneurs building entrepreneurs”

This post talks about the need for a strong Pay-it-Forward attitude in order to create a thriving ecosystem, beyond generations.


A great term out of booming ecosystems, where people know that in order to move forward, you have to help others moving forward.

Pay-It-Forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying itself to others instead of to the original benefactor.

The first generation of executives who grew up getting help from others began to offer their advice to younger entrepreneurs. …

This posts talks about the BeTech initiative, the community that brings together the Tech entrepreneur scene in Belgium, and is divided into 2 parts: the story behind BeTech and what’s next!

A. The story behind BeTech!

Why and how we initiated a bottom up community

Following the awesome initiative and work done by Kristoffer Tjalve launching BeTech, launching the channels, getting the initiative known via Twitter, via the #BeTech, and spreading the vibe on any occasion and meeting he had, I reckoned it was time to tell you more about the next steps we have been working on and how…


Community of, by and for Belgian entrepreneurs all around the globe. www.facebook.com/groups/betech

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