BeTech Charter

3 min readApr 15, 2018


BeTech is a bottom-up, entrepreneur-driven movement, boosting a strong knowledge, cohesion and network effect to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset in Belgium.

Belgium has the potential to become an even stronger nation of builders. To enable this it’s crucial to leverage our unique emerging ecosystem by supporting the next generation(s) of entrepreneurs.

BeTech promotes a strong Belgian by entrepreneurs/for entrepreneurs movement by facilitating a strong and active network and sharing experiences between peers.

The BeTech movement

To build a stronger entrepreneur-driven climate, BeTech is on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow to their full potential and beyond!

BeTech is built upon 3 pillars:

  1. Be Smart — Share knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs
  2. Be Proud — Take credit and act as true builders
  3. Be Global — Reach out and grow internationally

The BeTech movement is all about implementing the “pay it forward” mentality by and for Belgian tech entrepreneurs, to help other entrepreneurs move forward. BeTech actions are always bottom-up, people-centric and focused on entrepreneurs.

What is BeTech?

BeTech wants entrepreneurs to learn from each other and share valuable insights.

BeTech offers both online interactions to share knowledge AND offline events to encourage a stronger cohesion between peers:

  1. BeTech Group
    Engage with a vibrant online community offering high quality exchanges between entrepreneurs to nurture mutual understanding & learning.
  2. BeTech Medium
    Share your knowledge or experience through relevant BeTech Medium posts.
  3. BeTech First Tuesdays
    One host, Many entrepreneurs.
    Meet your BeTech peers every first Tuesday of the month and feel the vibe of what they are building, how they are doing it and get the opportunity to network with other doers.
  4. BeTech Circle
    One table, Many entrepreneurs.
    Get insights into specific topics from expert tech entrepreneurs. e.g. BeTech Circle of Founders, BeTech Circle of Growth Hacking, BeTech Circle of Scaling, BeTech Circle of Hiring, ….
  5. BeTech Remote
    One remote location. Many entrepreneurs.
    Work on a remote location and build strong relations with your peers.
  6. BeTech Mission
    One destination. Many entrepreneurs.
    Explore & get inspired abroad, reach out to new networks and start new collaborations or discover exciting business opportunities.

What can you do?

BeTech is a grassroot initiative driven by entrepreneurs volunteering their time, energy, experience and resources to pay it forward. The success of BeTech is the sum of all its entrepreneurs’ efforts. We strive for quality above quantity in everything we do, all the time.

How can you be a part of the BeTech movement?

  • Join the BeTech Movement page and sign up below:
  • Provide financial support: donate money to maintain, sustain and grow BeTech, beyond generations. Via the Donate button on the BeTech Page: (we suggest annual donations of 100 EUR and above) or even create a fundraiser for BeTech within your network:
  • Contribute actively to online conversations: connect with people, answer questions, share relevant articles or insights, write blog posts, make vlog posts, …
  • Meet face-to-face with peers: talk about problems you face, challenge and support entrepreneurs in their journey, provide in-depth topic knowledge (funding, hr etc).
  • Take initiative: Become active in BeTech activities like the BeTech first Tuesdays, BeTech Circles, BeTech Remotes, or feel free to propose new initiatives …
  • Help to build an internationally recognized BeTech brand and quality label:

Are you ready to make BeTech Bigger, Brighter, Bolder, Braver?

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Signed by: Nicolas Frenay, Kristoffer Tjalve, Anne Collet, Ludwig Dumont, Vincent Battaglia, Karim Slaoui, Eric Rodriguez, Nicolas Cognaux, Baudouin De Troostembergh, Guillaume de Dorlodot, Pieter Gunst, Filip Tack, Inge Geerdens, Filip Maertens, Frederik De Wachter, Henri Jacobs, Taha Riani, Maxime Carpentier, Katrien Devos, Wouter van Respaille, Pascal Coppens, Peter Hinssen, Florent Grandjean, Mathieu Bazelaire, Philippe Van Impe, Thomas Charles Vanderstraeten, Matthias Feys, Laurent Hublet, Jonathan Schockaert, David Verbustel, Rozina Spinnoy, and YOU?