From Zero to 13.1 (Pt 1):

I’ve been lifting weights since I was 16 (now 23). For most of this time I also played basketball a lot. Although I have never been that great it has kept me in great shape. Unfortunately, my recent move to the big smoke hasn’t allowed me to continue playing and by cardiovascular fitness has taken a serious hit these past 4 months.

I’ve always told myself I should run more. But with the gym as my priority I never made the time. Well, the opportunity had arisen due to some injuries that are preventing me from going too hard on the weights and have therefore challenged myself to become a somewhat decent distance runner.

Actually, I’ve already been at it for 2 weeks but I wanted to make sure I could commit before writing this blog.

What’s the goal?

Until now I’ve not given myself a specific goal around this but overall I just wanted to push myself in a new dimension and keep my heart in good health. But, I know that this isn’t going to get me anywhere.

Therefore, lets use some of the SMART goal setting principles:

Run a my first half marathon within 2 hours before February 2018.

I think this is pretty specific for now, surely? Now I’ve not looked into actual races yet but I’m confident that I can break 2 hours with 5 months training.


To do this I am taking a 2 phased approach.

Phase 1: This will consist of 4–6 weeks of building up overall weekly running volume and my capability of actually running.

Phase 2: Here I will follow a more structured running programme with perhaps so minor periodisation and implement different types of run such as intervals and long runs.

The story so far…

As I said previously, I’m already 2 weeks into my training. Week 1 was 9 miles over 3 runs and this week was (supposed to be) 12 miles over 3–4 runs (I only got 10).

Overall, the increase in running from practically zero to this has been a huge shock to my system. I am a lot more fatigued, which is expected but feel great for doing this. My main concern is maintaining performance in the gym. Already my leg days have suffered and I do feel like such a change has drained me physically and mentally. For example, I am sat writing this right now instead of out for my scheduled 2 mile run simply because I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and I’ve done legs this morning.

But I’m trying not to beat myself up about days like this because I know they are going to happen and the more I train the less it will occur. I think the key for me to stick to this is to really listen to my body and be honest with my ability to perform!

But that’s it. Hopefully going to share an update every week on here to the half a person who may read this.