The struggle of a “Wantrepreneur”:

I think I am prime example of a “Wantrepreneur”. I want a business idea. I want a goal to work towards, I want something that gives me the burning passion to stay up till 3am everyday working towards that goal; and I want the luxuries that come with the results. Frustratingly for me, I don’t have an amazing idea that I believe in 1000%.

Surely I can’t be the only one?

I am surrounded by inspiration, surrounded by motivation to put in the work. But I just have no outlet. It’s just a damn shame.

So, what do people like us do? We can do in two directions.

1. The most likely route, we do nothing. We sit and ponder on the “what if” and convince ourselves that if we had an idea, we would be set up for life. In reality, I guess we don’t really know how we will react when we are presented with an opportunity. Until then, we wait. We waste our evenings and expect that something will come to us. If it doesn’t, we accept that it’s simply not meant to be. Then we die with regret and cynicism.

Or we can do something else.

2. Work. We can simply work. At something. Anything. Have a job you dislike? Either find a new job or triple the effort you are putting in to that job. Be the best damn employee you can be. It’s better to be successful at something you don’t like then at nothing at all. There is no bad outcome to working hard. Do the same with any hobbies you have. Double the time and effort you spend in each of them and understand if this is something you can pursue as a career. If not, try new things and commit a few solid months obsessing over them. It’s all better than being complacent with ordinary.

I’m writing this for myself more than anyone else. I’m currently living in the first category. I’m 23 years old and I have a huge fear of being ordinary and not filling my potential. I know I’m meant for greatness, but I just don’t know the path I need to take or what I’m meant to be great in. I’m terrified that when I die someone will show me who I could have been versus who I was- and I’m disappointed.

Perhaps like you, I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow, in a month or a year. But I hope that I can create the discipline and hustle to get moving and move towards the life I want and avoid falling into a pit of regret 10 years down the line.

I hope you can too.

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