Zero to 13.1: Momentum Builder

This series is my journey to running my first half marathon. I have gone from running once per month alongside my 4 – 6 weight sessions to now running consistently at least 3 days per week. My goal? To participate in a half marathon event before February 2018 and finish within a 02:00:00 limit.

Last post, I talked about my injury and my plan to recover and get back to where I was 8 months ago. Unfortunately, this really didn’t go the way I intended. First session in the gym I ended up throwing up and having to end the session early and a few days later I hurt my foot in basketball. This not only meant that I could barely walk, my drive towards training just totally drained again.

Mind-set is critical to success in everything and I won’t hide from the fact that I took a step back this week mentally. But I can hopefully say that things are final on the up. I has my first physiotherapy session this week and was given some really simple exercises to perform in order to begin activating and moving the lower spine.

To be successful in anything in life, it takes patience and readjustments where appropriate. I have literally just finished watching “Generation Iron 2” and although I don’t agree with a lot of the content, you can’t deny their impressive physiques and approach to training and nutrition.

For the past year my training has been strength focused and diet has been flexible to say the least. So, I am switching it up (once again). I’ve decided to follow a more “bodybuilding” style of training (3–5 day body part split) and slowly become more aware of my nutrition by beginning to track macro’s and dial it in for the new year’s.

My priorities remain the same; recovery and get ready for my half marathon. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and an opportunity to build some real momentum for the final leg of the year. The winter is where people start to wind down, lower the intensity of training and take the focus away from their nutrition. Usually I fit into this category, but this year is the exception for me. I want to go into 2018 running, not limping.

I look forward to sharing the journey of my recovery and proving that regardless of the situation you fall under, you can strive to improve and reach whatever goals you set for yourself.

Thank you SO much for reading this article of mine❤️Please continue to follow my journey and be sure to hit that clap button👏

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